How To Choose The Most Flattering Skirt For Your Shape

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Skirts are flowy and drape over the body, unlike shorts or jeans that conform to one’s legs. These characteristics should make it easy for anyone to find the perfect skirt. But like all types of clothing, skirts require your measurements to look great on your body.

Given the wide variety of skirts available, finding ones that flatter your body can be challenging. However, you can find the ideal ones if you follow a few steps. Before you browse shops, here are some tips to get you started:


1 – Find Out Your Body Shape

The first thing to do before choosing new skirts is to know your body shape. Understanding your frame will open a new world of options and possibilities when you buy clothes or sew your own skirt patterns. However, not all garments work well with all body shapes, and it’s a reality all fashionistas must face.

Each person’s body is different. But there are five shapes commonly found among women. These include the following:

– Triangle or pear: Someone with this shape often has more weight on the lower half of their body. Their shoulders and upper torso might be narrower than their hips, thighs, and bottom.

– Inverted triangle: In contrast to the triangle body shape, this one has more weight on the upper half of the body. The hips and thighs remain narrow.

– Hourglass: People with this shape have a balanced weight distribution on their bodies’ upper and lower halves. They also have a smaller, cinched waist.

– Oval or apple: This shape is the opposite of the previous one. Here, people are broader on their chest and stomach while their shoulders and hips are narrow.

– Rectangle: Those with equal width on their shoulders and hips yet have no definition on their hips have this shape. Body proportions are equal most of the time.

Once you know your body shape, finding skirts that flatter you should be easier. All you need to do is to look at yourself in a full-length mirror while in your underwear. If you’re still unsure of your body shape, you could always ask for a loved one or dressmaker’s opinion.


2 – Pick Styles Based On Your Shape And Height

Some styles and designs often look best on specific body shapes. So, when you know your figure, focus on skirts that flatter that shape best. This brief guide should give you an idea of what to look for when skirt shopping.


Apple shape

High-waist, long skirts will provide people with apple-shaped bodies with more definition on their waistline. They’ll cover a wide stomach while giving the spotlight and extra length to shorter legs. Asymmetrical skirts that don’t focus on your midsection look great on apple shapes.


Pear shape

Loose-fit styles like A-line and maxi skirts will lessen the width of hips. Pear-shaped ladies should also avoid printed or patterned skirts emphasizing a wide lower body half. Consider plain, dark-coloured skirt designs if you have this body type.


Rectangle shape

Since rectangular bodies have equal widths from top to bottom, skirts that provide an appearance of more curves are ideal. Pencil and tulip skirts are the best options for straight bodies. Miniskirts are also fantastic options to highlight your legs.


Inverted triangle shape

People with inverted triangle bodies fare well with ruffled, pleated, and tiered skirts. The textures and layers on a bottom garment will balance the weight on your chest and shoulders. Go easy on the extra volume, though. Puffy skirts could make you appear shorter.



The hourglass shape is the one type that looks amazing with any skirt style or length. Prints, bias cuts, or form-fitting pencil skirts flatter wide hips, shoulders, and a small waist. But take care to use light fabrics to avoid overwhelming the bottom half of your body.


3 – Choose The Right Length

Hemlines are also factors in choosing a flattering skirt for your body. A skirt too long might look like it’s swallowing you whole. On the other hand, a skirt too short could be inappropriate in certain places and events. It may even make you feel uncomfortable.

Petite ladies look best in miniskirts that fall just above the knees. Any short-length skirt will lengthen the appearance of your legs. Maxi and full-length skirts flatter most people who are taller. If your legs’ shape is an issue, try wearing midi skirts to widen calves or above-the-knee skirts to make thick legs look thin, too.

Always consider your height when looking for women’s or men’s skirts if you’re a man who loves wearing them. The right length will balance your overall look and make you feel more confident.


4 – Know What To Hide And What To Flaunt

The key to choosing any garment is knowing your assets and flaws. The general rule to choosing a skirt is to pick one that hides what you don’t want others to see and flaunts your best parts. For example, midi or maxi skirts may lead attention away from a wide midsection. Shorter ones could emphasize long, toned legs.

Knowing your best features is essential in shopping for skirts. It’ll narrow your options to the pieces that should work well with your body shape.


A Skirt For Every Body Type

Skirts are one of the trickiest garments to find that fit you well. There are many shapes and sizes available. But if you know your body type and its strengths, you’ll have an easier time looking for skirts that flatter you.

You can also use this information to help you search for dress shapes for your figure. So, armed with this knowledge, you can now shop confidently for your new clothes.


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