Bridal Wear for Every Body: How to Find a Dress that Flatters Your Figure

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After saying yes to your partner, you have to say yes to another important decision. Yes, you got it right, the dress. Saying yes to the perfect wedding dress is high on the list of things to do to have a dream wedding.

After all, the ceremony, your first kiss as spouses, and mingling will all happen with you wearing the wedding dress. So, it needs to be perfect. It should be figure-flattering, showing all the best assets you have. And for this to happen, you should find a dress that fits your body perfectly.

A stunning and comfortable dress for every body shape is there. It is confusing, so the blog lists the best types of dress and which body types they look best on.


A-line for all body types

A universal dress type that flatters and complements all body types. The dress is fitted to the waist; from there, it flares into an A-shape softly, hence the name.

Think Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, in her wedding dress. It is a perfect example of an A-line wedding dress. Moreover, experts believe that going with A-line bridal wear is best if your body type is curvy or pear-shaped.

It hugs you tight in all the right places, accentuating your assets with the drama going on below. Even a petite bride looks taller when she wears an A-line dress.


Trumpet dress for the hourglass body type

A trumpet dress is a toned-down version of your mermaid wedding dress. It is a straight bodice to your hips, with the flare starting mid-thigh. It is a crowd-pleaser, especially for women with hourglass body types or slender frames. It helps them show off their curves.

There are so many options and intricate designs to pick from for this ethereal style that it will blow your mind. Here are the best trumpet dresses for you to choose your wedding dress from.


Slip dress

Slip dresses are minimal and sophisticated wedding dresses. Just like a simple but elegant bridal robe looks great on all brides, slip dresses work best on all body types.

The trick is customizing this dress according to your measurements to ensure it fits best. Add a bias cut, a cowl neck, or even back detailing to add more character to this wedding dress.


Column dress for an athletic frame

Do you have an athletic frame or an hourglass body type? Then choose a column wedding dress. It is not similar to sheath silhouettes; the difference is that the sheath is more seamless and lighter.

Column gowns flaunt the features of a woman with an athletic frame by giving structure to the dress using fabrics like colored lace or brocade. Picking this helps hourglass body types, as the silhouette is tailor-made for you, helping you show off a slender and sleek figure.


Ball gown for women with a fuller bust

If you have fuller busts with sim-hips, a ballgown wedding dress is perfect for you. It will look good on you and have everything you need to feel like a princess. Drama, volume, and a classic look.

A ball gown has a fitted top and a voluminous skirt that balance each other. The skirt hides the lower body while flaunting the waist. (Avoid it if you don’t want your hips to look larger.) Lastly, keep the embellishments minimal to make more impact.


Body types

Ruler: An undefined waist, great arms and legs, and a regular bust are characteristics of a ruler body type. V-necks or A-line dresses look perfect for this body type. Spaghetti straps work well too.

Hourglass: Women with symmetrical hips and shoulders, a shapely bust, and a defined waist. Find a gown that flaunts your bust. V-neck gowns are great.

Apple: A full neck, face, and broad shoulder with a full chest define an apple body shape. A gown with a raised waist, bodices, and fitted corsets goes well with this body type.

Finding a bridal dress that fits you, is flattering, and perfect is time-consuming. So, know your body shape, and start the quest. First, work with a designer who can help you understand your body and find a dress that compliments it. Moreover, if you are curvy, shop the dress at an all-inclusive store. Otherwise, you will end up paying extra for upscaling the dress.


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