Creative Uses for Perfume

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Most people have a favorite fragrance that they apply in the morning as they’re getting ready for their day. The use of perfume tends to increase confidence and overall feelings of wellness, but most people don’t know that their favorite scent, like Paco Rabanne, can be used for far more than a quick spritz behind the ears. Here are some creative ideas for making the most of your perfume collection.


Air Freshener

Perfume can be used as an air freshener by applying the scent to dried flowers or cotton balls. Place these small fragrant items in drawers, closets, or in a bowl on a table to add a pleasant aroma to the area. Lavender fragrance on a cotton ball under the pillow is a big relaxation booster!


Perfumed Bath Water

Adding perfume (like Ultrared by Paco Rabanne) to bath water adds an element of luxury to the daily routine. A small amount added to the water or to the bath steam is enough to create a magical effect without being overwhelming.



The use of a humidifier when sleeping is a popular way to battle cracked lips and dry sinuses. By adding a few drops of your favorite perfume, like Lady Million by Paco Rabanne, you can enjoy a familiar scent’s subtle and gradual release as you drift off to sleep.


Heat-Activated Scent

When perfume is applied directly to a cool, unplugged lightbulb, it can create a unique scented tool. When plugged in and warmed up, the heated fragrance really spreads in the room.


Fragrance Diffuser

Mix perfume with equal parts distilled water and place it in an empty diffuser bottle. Place reed diffusers in the bottle to help release the scent into the air.


Scented Stationery

Scented stationery adds a personal flair to your correspondence on memos, agendas, note paper, and even business cards. Just spritz a bit of your favorite Paco Rabanne scent onto your paper goods.


Dry Shampoo

You can make your own dry shampoo using cornstarch or baby powder to soak up excess oil on your scalp in between hair washes. Adding some perfume to the mixture will refresh and infuse your locks with your favorite scent.


Dryer Sheets

The smell of fresh laundry can be further elevated with custom-made dryer sheets featuring your favorite perfume. Add a few drops to a dampened handkerchief and toss it in the dryer to add a pleasant scent to your clothes.



Perfume can be used for deodorizing in many different circumstances. For a room where pets have taken up residence, add a few drops of fragrance to the litter box. Mix a spritz of perfume with baking soda and sprinkle on carpets for a quick deodorizing. Perfumes like those by Paco Rabanne can also be used to eliminate odors in the trash can by saturating tissue paper with perfume and laying it beneath the bottom of the garbage bag.


Scented Lotion

Adding a few drops of perfume to moisturizing coconut oil creates a budget-friendly, fragrant, natural lotion that is soothing to the skin. It can also be used as shaving cream when used in the shower.

You can try all of these ideas with any combination of your favorite fragrances. Find them today at a discounted price at LaBelle Perfumes.

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