Embracing the Bridal Bikini Trend

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When it comes to planning outfits for a wedding, there are more options to think about than just the gown for the big day. From pre-wedding celebrations to the reception to the honeymoon, the bride-to-be is going to need a few different looks, including a bridal bikini or two. Check out some trends when it comes to bathing suits that will be perfect for any wedding event.


Bridal Bikini Trends To Consider

Bikinis are having a big moment when it comes to weddings, as more and more people think outside the box. Some brides are choosing to get married in specially-made bikinis and cover-ups for their beach weddings. Others are hosting their bridal showers and bachelorette parties at resorts with great pools so bikinis fit in with the dress code. Brides also need beautiful swimsuits for their tropical honeymoon.

No matter the occasion, there are different bridal bikini options to fit any style:

Bridal White Bikinis: The classic white bikini is a popular choice for brides who want to keep it simple and elegant. White bikinis come in different styles, from bandeau tops to high-waisted bottoms, and can be paired with cover-ups and beachy accessories.

Embellished Bikinis: Embellished bikinis are perfect for brides who want to add some sparkle and glamor to their wedding day look. Beaded, sequined or embroidered bikinis are popular choices and can be worn with matching accessories like beach hats or sandals.

High-waisted Bikinis: High-waisted bikinis are a flattering and trendy option for brides who want to show off their curves while still feeling comfortable and covered.

When looking at a bikini for a wedding, keep in mind the overall look and feel of the event. A highly-embellished swimsuit may be out of place if everything else about the wedding or party is very demure and classic. Like all wedding accessories, the bridal bikini should fit the theme.


Things To Remember When Choosing a Wedding Bikini

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the right bikini. Consider what kind of activities will be happening. For instance, if the bikini is for a pre-wedding pool party, the bride should consider whether she will actually swim or just mingle. This can help determine the type of bikini that is needed.

A bride should also make sure she is comfortable in any bathing suit she has. Weddings are meant to be happy events, and it’s hard to be happy in an uncomfortable outfit. It’s important to get the fit of the bikini right so the bride feels confident.

Brides who plan on getting spray tans should plan carefully. A bikini for a wedding event or honeymoon is often white. Make sure to get the spray tan far enough in advance to prevent the color from rubbing off onto the fabric.


Find the Perfect Bridal Bikini

Every day, people are finding new ways to express themselves and a bridal bikini is one way to do it. Whether it’s for the ceremony, a waterside reception or a honeymoon on the beach, the right bikini can help create great memories. Start shopping for an amazing bridal bikini today.


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