How Flowers Played a Major Part in the Fashion Industry

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Flowers have had a huge impact on the fashion industry over the years and today we are going to take a deeper look into what their impact has been and in what areas of the fashion world we see the roles that flowers and plants have played. Everyone loves flowers and no matter whether they are happy birthday flowers or get well soon flowers, they are a part of nature which puts smiles on people’s faces. This is undoubtedly the reason that they have been used so heavily in the fashion world, and here is where we have seen their impact the most.


Floral designs have been a key part of fashion for centuries and going right back tooth early days of seamstresses and clothing designs, they have sought to add flowers, either real or images of flowers into the clothing. This is completely understandable of course given the freshness and the bright, bold colors which flowers bloom in. Floral dresses for example can be used in any season, and the flowers which are embroidered or printed onto the dress add their very own style and grace.


There are many designs which we have seen from the world’s top fashion designers which have been greatly influenced by the shape and the way in which flowers grow. Designers are inspired by all manner of things and the way that nature presents flowers is most certainly one of them. Think of the shape of a rose or the flower of paradise, look at the trumpet shape of a lily, these are wonderful examples of where someone may find inspiration, and it is why there have been so many designs which have incorporated and mimicked what flowers do when they grow.

Inspiration of Colors

The world is colorful because of plants and flowers, they have long been the reason that we have so many colors and for many years they were used to make paints in those colors. It is not just the color itself that serves as inspiration to fashion designers, but also the way in which different colors combine. Seeing colors appearing naturally together is a great source of style for many designers and they often attribute their style choices to what they have witnessed in the natural world.


It is not just the clothing which features flowers and plants, but also the presentation of clothing. Many runways around the world have been adorned with certain types of flowers to help bring out the designs of the new range of clothing which is on display. Sometimes the flowers will be used in conjunction with the designs or they may also be used to contrast against the clothing which is being used.

The next time that you are walking through the woods or a park, take a look at the flowers that grow there and consider just how much of an impact they have had on the world of fashion.

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