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It seems like the whole of your university degree leads up to the day you graduate. After three or more years, endless hours of studying, and even more partying on crazy nights out, graduating marks your official entrance into the world of work as a fully-fledged adult. While preparing for graduation day might seem stressful, it truly is possible to have a graduation celebration as they do in Legally Blonde and High School Musical… here are some tips on how you can make it happen!


Choosing the right outfit

Deciding on what to wear for your big event is an important decision. Will it be a dress? A pantsuit? What about a co-ord set? It can be difficult enough to choose an outfit for a summer celebration, but if your ceremony is in the winter, you might have to narrow it down even further! When shopping for winter graduation outfits, keep in mind that it will more often than not be a little colder on your big day, so popular choices usually include longer dresses and jumpsuits. It’s also important to look at the colour of your university cap and gown when choosing the right outfit, as some colours will unfortunately clash, and it’s easier to change your clothes than the universities!


Finding the right make-up look

Choosing the right make-up look is often the second-most important part of deciding on your overall aesthetic – especially since you’ll want it not just to look good in professional photos, but in candid ones that you take with your friends as well! Graduation make-up looks that never fail include versatile looks that will not only look good under professional lighting but also under natural lighting, as well. Remember to pack your powder to avoid looking shiny in photos!


The right shoes are important

When deciding which shoes to wear you’ll have to consider a few different things. You’ll want to find a pair that you can walk comfortably in and wear for the whole day, as well as ones that you can walk on both carpet and laminate in. It’s best to avoid stilettos and instead go for a pair of wedges, block heels, or small heels. Bright colours also add a much-needed pop of colour to a typically monotone cap and gown…


Accessories and more

For accessories, it’s best to keep it simple. Your cap and gown will do the talking instead. As for other important bits to make the day just like they do in High School Musical? Matching flowers for you and your friends will make the day special, and a disposable camera will help you all document the day and evening if you end up going out and continuing the celebrations in town…

Your graduation day is the culmination of all your hard work over your time at university. Even if it doesn’t go exactly as you planned in your head, it will still be one of the most magical and unforgettable days of your adult life!


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Written by Lola McQuenzie

Lola is one of our busiest writer. She has worked for Catwalk Yourself since 2007. Lola started working with us after she graduating from Central St Martins

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