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Very few people are aware that they can choose from a variety of glasses that look stylish while simultaneously providing them with the sharpest, clearest vision possible. Most people invest considerable time and thought into picking out a pair of eyeglasses frames in order to find the perfect pair that suits their face and lifestyle. And while eyeglasses are specifically designed to enhance your vision, it’s also important to consider the overall appearance to ensure you’re getting the most of your glasses.

Whatever your style, face shape, vision needs and lifestyle, we’ve rounded up some top tips to help you find the perfect eyeglasses for every face shape:


1 – Glasses for Square-Shaped Faces

If you have  a square face then it’s likely you have more angular features. To soften the appearance, use frames that round out your angles to accentuate the depth and contrast of these aspects. Thinner, more rounded, or circular frames are advised to accomplish this, however, oversized round glasses can also be effective.

The traditional cat-eye shape is another choice for those with square faces because its rounded appearance softens the features. Cat-eye frames, which tend to be thicker on the upper portion, complement the sharp angles of a square face, balancing it out and adding a classic edge.


2 – Glasses for Round-Shaped Faces

Curves rather than straight, sharp contours define a round face, meaning that the breadth and length of your glasses should be proportional. The right pair of glasses might help make your round face look slimmer and longer. Options include rectangular for square glasses frames that are broader than deep and those with a clear bridge, particularly suit those with a round face.


3 – Glasses for Oval-Shaped Faces

For individuals with an oval-shaped face, it’s recommended that you go for spectacle frames that are as wide as, or broader than, the widest part of your face to preserve the oval’s harmonious proportions. Small frames should be avoided here.


4 – Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

An individual with a heart-shaped face has a broad upper third and more narrow lower third. To find the perfect pair of glasses to suit your face, choose larger frame shapes at the bottom to make your top face appear narrower. Frames that are thin, pastel-colored, and rimless are also great options.


5 – Glasses for Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamond faces feature a small forehead and jawline but wide, sometimes prominent cheekbones. Eyeglasses without rims and those with oval or cat-eye forms can be a really good option.



Now you know everything about the best glasses to suit your face shape, be sure to take a look online or in-store. Whether you’re looking for eyeglasses or sunglasses, the best way to find out what looks best is to try them on!


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