Dos And Don’ts For Healthy And Shiny Nails

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Taking of your body is an absolute must. While you might already stress about making your hair healthy and strong, you might also worry about having healthy skin, which can be a huge deal for some people. As you look after your body, you shouldn’t forget that your nails also need proper care.

Whether you enjoy wearing nail polish or let your fingernails go au naturel, you shouldn’t forget to give them enough love and care. In this way, you can allow them to grow healthy, shiny, and strong, which do not easily chip even when you use them almost all the time.

With that said, listed below are the dos and don’ts you should do for great nails:


Dos For Healthy and Shiny Nails

Apart from allowing your nail to look healthy and strong, weak fingernails can be very inconvenient and painful for you to have. If you enjoy having long fingernails for a long time, you should do these things:


– Treat Your Nails Regularly

Caring for our nails will require plenty of things to do on your end. While it might seem like you just need to cut out a few habits, there are products that you can apply to your nails that can help to promote the best growth as much as possible. In this way, you can assure that your nails would be in their best condition as you prepare them for their next polish.

Ideally, you should look for a product that can lead to the best results for your nails. In this way, you can ensure that they wouldn’t break easily. You can look for various products, or you can try Coteshop’s garlic nail treatment to provide your nails with natural, strong growth. With proper and regular care, you should be able to have the nails of your dreams.


– Practice Proper Nail Hygiene 

To allow your nails to grow healthy and shiny, you should always practice proper nail hygiene by ensuring that you keep your fingernails clean all the time. There should be no dirt under your nails even after a particularly hectic day. If you see some, you should immediately remove them using a handy tool.

Moreover, you shouldn’t forget to include your nails every time you wash your hands. Regular soft scrubbing will help to remove any bacteria away, keeping your nails healthy and strong.

For better hygiene, it would be helpful if you could cut your fingernails short so that bacteria and dirt would have a hard time squeezing themselves on your nail edge. Along with this, it can prevent your nails from chipping or breaking easily.


– Keep Your Nails Hydrated 

Similar to your skin, your nails need proper hydration and moisture as well. With that, you should ensure that you provide enough hydration to your nails with the help of cuticle oil. While applying a hand lotion may seem like an easier and more accessible care, cuticle oil targets your nails, ensuring that they absorb all of the benefits, keeping your nails healthy and strong.

For maximum absorption and hydration, you should apply cuticle oil to your fingernails, ideally three times a day. However, if you have drier or more damaged nails, you should use cuticle oil every time you wash your nails to bring the hydration back to your nails. With this, it would be handy to place a cuticle oil on a travel container and re-apply as needed for the entire day.


– Protect Your Nails from Chemicals 

If you prefer to wash your dishes by hand, you should always wear gloves to keep any dishwashing chemicals away from your nails. Too much exposure to those types of chemicals can give your nails a yellowish color. This could be a sign of bacteria or fungal infection, which can be lengthy and difficult to treat. Additionally, if you soak your nails in the water for too long, it can cause them to be brittle and soft.

As you wear your gloves, you’re giving your nails a protective layer, keeping them dry all the time. Along with this, you’re also protecting your skin, which can be more prone to dryness, making you feel uncomfortable, especially that you’ll easily feel them every time you touch it.


Don’ts For Healthy and Shiny Nails

As you’re busy focusing on taking care of your nails, you might forget the things that you shouldn’t do. In this way, you can prevent further damaging your nails, especially if they’ve been a part of your daily routine.

Here are the things you shouldn’t do for healthy and shiny nails:


– Don’t Bite Your Nails 

Numerous people still unconsciously bite their nails if they feel anxious or want to get rid of hangnails if they don’t have a cutter around. While it may help to get the job done, you should avoid biting your nails no matter how tempting it is.

If you bite your fingernails or pick at your cuticles, you’re inviting infection and bacteria to come inside.   Even one small cut can greatly impact your nails, causing further damage that you’ll surely not enjoy having on your hands.


– Don’t Use Heavy Chemicals to Remove Your Nail Polish 

Applying nail polish is a fun activity to do, especially that you can allow your nails to have various shades and designs that could match your mood. With that, you might need to change your nail polish every one or two weeks to update the color and for a regular nail cleaning. As you remove your nail polish, ensure that you only use gentle chemicals to keep the moisture on your nails.

Ideally, you should avoid using heavy chemicals such as acetone-based nail polish removers as they can strip the moisture away from your nails. Even if you use cuticle oil, it would be helpful to maximize the hydration on your nails as much as possible.


– Don’t Share Nail Tools

Even within the same family, you should never share your nail tools with anyone to promote proper hygiene. With the number of things that your hands go through every day, you can never be sure how much bacteria and dirt might accumulate on the nail, which can transfer on any nail tool.

To promote hygiene, you should provide your nail tools and never share them with anyone else. If you’re living with a large household, you should consider giving them their own set to avoid asking one another if they could borrow a nail tool.



Taking care of your nails is highly important, especially that can help to give you a clear sign of any possible illness or disease that you might be experiencing. Along with this, poor nail hygiene can invite bacteria and infection, affecting your daily routine. On that note, you should ensure that you provide your nails with the proper care similar to the rest of your body.


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