Areas To Focus on To Look Your Best During Vacation

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Whether you are staying in your home state or traveling halfway across the globe, you want to look and feel your best during a trip. If you have an excursion coming up, pay special attention to these areas before you leave to look and feel your best during vacation.


Be it lounging poolside on a Mediterranean cruise, hiking the Rocky Mountains or touring an Italian vineyard, your skin is one of the first things people notice when you are out and about. Therefore, you want it to be glowing and radiant on your vacation.

The foundation of a good skincare routine is cleansing and moisturizing. Depending on your skin type, cleanse and moisturize one or two times a day, in the morning and evening.

Cleansing removes dead cells, oil, makeup and other buildups on your skin. Moisturizer helps replenish the hydration your skin needs to stay healthy. If you have oily skin, avoid creams with oil as they may clog your pores. If you have dry skin, a cream with oil may actually be beneficial, as it gives your skin an added boost of hydration.

The other essential piece of a balanced skincare routine is SPF. SPF protects your skin from the sun’s rays, which can cause premature aging, wrinkles and sunspots. Use at least an SPF 30 and reapply throughout the day. Do not forget to use SPF on any part of your body exposed to the sun. The more active you are throughout the day, the more often you need to reapply.

There are multiple other products you can include in a skincare routine, such as eye cream, retinol and serums. Research products to find the best ones for your skin type. However, just do not skip the SPF, moisturizer and cleanser.


Maybe you feel most attractive in jeans and your favorite cardigan. Or perhaps it is in a sundress. Or maybe you feel your best dressed to the nines in a pair of stilettos. Whatever the outfit may be, clothes have a unique way of boosting confidence.

Before going on the trip, take time to strategically pack outfits that make you feel attractive. If you already have a number of options in your wardrobe, bring along the outfits you like the most. Be sure to pack for each activity you have planned during your trip, such as dinner out, nature excursions, tours or theater performances.

If it has been a while since you bought a new outfit, a vacation is the perfect excuse to spring for some new looks. If you have a tight budget, check out thrift stores or resale boutiques. They often have quality clothes at a fraction of the original costs. Otherwise, determine which stores you want to go to and research their websites before shopping. You may score some discounts with online coupons or by signing up for their e-letters.


Whether you get a manicure religiously every two weeks or only on special occasions, vacation is definitely a time to splurge when it comes to primping and polishing. Book time at your local spa for some quality R&R.

Get your hair cut and colored. Just avoid any dramatic changes. The last thing you want is to try a completely new look before your big trip, only to realize you hate it.

Get a facial to refreshen and rejuvenate your skin. The best time to do this is a couple of months before your vacation; this way the esthetician can recommend products to specifically treat your skin, helping ensure it is radiant and glowing when you travel.

Book a pedicure and manicure. Since they last longer, get gel or SNS polish. Do not forget your eyebrows; get them waxed or threaded shortly before you leave.

No matter where you go during your holiday, taking action in these four categories beforehand will help you look and feel your best during your vacation.


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