8 Layering Ideas for Summer

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You’re probably thinking it’s crazy to layer clothing when the sun is shining. It seems like an oxymoron for summer. The fashion idea going around for summer is to wear as little as possible. After all, we want to feel the sun on our skin, hit the beach or go for a climb without adding layers of jackets and innerwear the same way we would during winter.

But is layering a possibility in warmer months? The answer is YES. Done right, layering for the summer isn’t going to make you feel hot and sweaty. The whole objective of layering during the summer is not to make you feel hotter but to make you feel more relaxed and stylish. After all, layering also helps you mix and match your clothing updates to make it fresh and updated, so you don’t have to buy too many clothes for your summer wardrobe.

But, just like how you’ll have to switch up the type of fabric you’ll be wearing in the summer months, layering also entails using lighter materials with different properties to make you feel comfortable and stylish all at once.

So how do you layer in the summer? Here are some style tips:

– Mix up your textures

Layering rules don’t differ that much between summer and winter, formal and casual. Mixing textures is one of them as it adds contrast. Layering silk on silk or a pure linen chemise with pure linen culottes will seem a little odd. So wearing a denim jacket over a linen blouse, for instance, does bring some character to your overall look without making you feel stuffy. Mixing up textures also means you can take something out of your winter wardrobe so that you can mix it with your summer essentials. Perhaps a slouchy cardigan with a pair of denim shorts.

– Consider every layer

It’s essential to count every layer you’ll be wearing because it matters. Even though it isn’t visible, each layer contributes to you feeling the heat. In addition, the linings of certain fabric types will end up cooking you from the inside out during the hot summer months. So consider your innerwear to your outerwear. Are you wearing a singlet inside? What kind of fabric is your tank top? Are you wearing a tie? These are all the small items you need to look into when layering your outfit. Finally, ask yourself- will this make me feel cooler? It’s the same way you’d ask yourself if your outfit will make you warmer during the winter months.

– Say bye to beige

Just because lightweight linen and cotton are the go-to choices for summer essentials, that does not mean you should only stick to the spectrum of beige. Olive green linen, whites, and even light blues are all perfectly acceptable colors for summer. Modern-day navy, green or light reds are also a staple for colored linen.

– Coverups are trendy

Schakets are summer’s layering must-have, and so are kaftans such as these from https://kaftko.com/collections. They take the place of jackets and pulls and provide you with proper insulation on hot summer days. These are classic outerwear for men and women, and they also come in an array of beautiful colors, designs, and patterns. Kaftans are highly versatile, and both men and women can wear them. In addition, you can take a kaftan from day to night simply by switching your accessories.

– Construct your outfit

Maybe layering for the summer doesn’t come easy for you as it does for winter, so if you’re unsure, then putting a little thought into planning your outfit makes all the difference. Layering for summer should follow a breezy, light theme because that’s precisely how you want to feel. Despite the summer heat, you will want to get the breeze in your hair and the warmth of the sun on your skin, and light, breezy layers to the job well. A structured blazer on top of a sleeveless top helps if you want to keep things formal, or a blazer with a button-down shirt helps too.

– Scarf up

Linen scarves help to keep you warm when the night becomes cooler. Go with loose, open-weave fibers such as seersuckers, silk, or modal for your scarves and hang it around your neck loosely to take your outfit from hot day to cool night. Scarves are also a great way to style a monochromatic outfit. For instance, you’re wearing a bare-back one-piece jumpsuit. Adding a scarf as a belt can transform your jumpsuit, adding color and a little bit of playfulness into your style.

– Go lightweight all the way.

Choosing suitable fabrics will ensure you don’t sweat into your clothing. Light, breathable fabrics such as linen and even wool help your skin breath better, and it’s also better at moisture wicking. Wool isn’t just for winter, so if you are looking for wool in your summer clothing, the keywords you want to look out for are ‘loose weave’ and ‘high-twist yarn.’ It gives you ventilation, and because it’s loosely woven, your clothing will retain its shape.

– Color you hot

When it comes to choosing the colors you want for your layering, the rainbow is your inspiration. Do away with beige and khakis for summer, and go towards colors that are an excellent match for your skin tone. Opt for a pale jacket or pale trousers with a blue shirt and dark brown shoes or white jeans with striped linen blouses and brown leather sandals are another great combo. According to physics, wearing black is a suitable color during the summer as it absorbs energy from the body without reflecting it. On the other hand, white clothing reflects all the body’s heat to our system, making us feel hotter.

Fashion, whether it’s during the summer or the winter, is all about experimenting. Of course, you need to dress up according to your style and comfort level, and while the rules are in place to guide you, fashion is all about reinventing yourself and expressing your individuality.

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