6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence After a Breakup

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Whether it ended badly or you’re still friends, going through a breakup is tough. It’s easy to get mixed up in all sorts of negative feelings, leaving you feeling low and breaking down your confidence bit by bit. In difficult times like these, it is vital that you remind yourself of how strong, beautiful, and loved you are. These 5 ideas will help you get back on track, taking control of your life and get you feeling better than ever before.

1 – Revamp Your Wardrobe

Clothes are what you use to express yourself and show yourself off. You’re sick of reusing the same outfits over and over again and it is a known fact that shopping releases happy hormones (right?). One of the best ways to regain confidence is buying some new killer outfits. Go on a huge shopping spree with a friend and spend the day trying on the hottest new trends, and only buy the ones that make you feel like you’re on fire. Revamping your wardrobe with cute dresses, new heels and funky trousers will have you feeling like you’re ready to take on the world again.

2 – Have a Girls Night

The girls are always on hand to show you a good time, so take full advantage of this! Get all glammed up in one of your new outfits and spend the whole night eating, drinking, chatting, giggling and dancing all your worries away. Nothing quite makes you feel as good as getting your groove on with your best friends, all looking hotter than ever, and tearing up that dance floor together. Having fun with your girls is a sure way to give you the confidence to get back out there and remind yourself that you are amazing and beautiful.

3 – Do Things on Your Own

This may sound a little counterproductive, but spending time getting to know yourself better can give you back that trust in yourself and the knowledge that you are capable of on your own. Start small and get yourself down to that local yoga class or grab yourself a coffee and sit in by yourself to enjoy it. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, take a solo trip to that city or place that you’ve always wanted to visit. Travelling on your own is a great way to show yourself how independent and strong you can be, and you’re guaranteed to make new friends whilst doing so!

4 – Straighten Your Teeth

After a breakup, you are often left feeling unworthy, unloved and unattractive, even if this is the farthest from the truth. You can’t help but pick yourself apart, especially when social media fills your feed with influencers flaunting their drop-dead gorgeous looks in their amazingly exciting lives. You see them smiling with their perfectly straight teeth and can only dream of being as happy and as beautiful as them. Straight My Teeth can get you started on that journey. Unlike the traditional metal braces that will make you look and feel 15 again, Straight My Teeth offer invisible braces, a subtle and effective way to get that smile of your dreams in a cost-effective way. With supervision from UK dentists and orthodontists, they can give you that confidence to get yourself back out there, looking and feeling better than ever – check out this website to learn more about the clear brace cost UK.

5 – Take a Holiday

Sun, sea, salt in your hair, cocktail in your hand. Holiday vibes are always good vibes. Get a couple of friends together and hit those holiday destinations hard. Pack your favourite bikinis, spend the days lazing around the beach and the nights eating and drinking as much as your heart desires. Get that tan topped up and your skin glowing. Meet new people, explore somewhere new, eat your favourite foods and sip cocktails all day and all night. Find that balance of fun and relaxation. There is no doubt that you will be left oozing with relaxing radiance, ready to return and take on life like a boss.

6 – Feel Healthy and Refreshed

Taking a new focus on your health will help revitalise your mind and body. Exercising and eating healthy will see changes in both your body and mindset. Whilst it can sometimes be hard to start with, the more you use and move your body, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes. Regular exercise can improve mental health by releasing more of those happy hormones, giving you newfound energy for life, lifting your mood and have you feeling fit and fresh. Negative emotions like anger and stress are reduced through exercise, you’ll see improvements to self-confidence as you see your body start to change and will have an overall increase of positivity.

Breaking up with someone is a huge change in your life and can have you feeling dull and down. Whilst a difficult period to handle, following these six steps will get you feeling like a million dollars once again and give you the confidence to take on anything life has to throw at you.


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