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Ilana Glazer is the brilliant woman behind unforgettable laughs on the small screen. Born on 12 April 1987 in Long Island, New York, USA, she is an incredible actress, comedian, writer, and producer. She is widely known for her stellar performances by playing Ilana Glazer in Rough Night, Ilana Wexler in Broad City, and Heck into Broad City. Moreover, she played Ellie in How to Follow Strangers Rebecca in The Night Before, Sharee in Time Traveling Bong, and Penny Carson in BoJack Horseman. To top it all, she is the voice of EB in Green Eggs and Ham.

If you did not know Ilana Glazer from her characters, you would know her from her acquaintance with Abbi Jacobson. These two powerful women have cemented their status as a pair of famous Jewish BFFs, a comedic pair who brought us Broad City.

In this article, we are going to explore a bit more about this frizzy-haired superstar.



Ilana Glazer is the daughter of Sandi Wexler and Larry Glazer, who are both insurance and finance workers. She grew up in the town of Suffolk County near Stony Brook University. She attended New York University for her degree and graduated in 2009 with a major in psychology and child psychology.

As she belonged to a Reform Jewish family, all members are claimed to have love for one another. They say that they have always been the most functional and happy family.

Ilana also describes her identity as a typical Reform girl and says that she loves her culture and is super proud of her culture. In one interview, she elaborated that her grandparents were from the boroughs, Brooklyn, Bronx, which potentially made them double Jewish.

Ilana started working at the age of 14; she worked at a diner that tremendously affected her health, but she loved earning money. She says it made her feel so validated.



On 25 February 2017, Ilana married her longtime beau, David Rooklin, who is a computational biologist. He is an Oberlin College Graduate and he works at New York University as a teaching assistant. They had been dating since 2014.


The Story of Ilana and Abbi

Ilana and Abbi go together as bagels and cream cheese; almost everyone is familiar with them. But only a few know how their story started.

Well, Ilana and Abbi met at ‘Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre’ where they both had enrolled for training. They found similarities among them, on top of which was being Reformed Jews. Abbi wished Ilana on her birthday on Instagram with a heartfelt caption, “Happy birthday to this incredible human. I count my lucky stars I somehow found you, Ilana”

As they became close friends, they started writing content together and appeared in several projects together.


Best Shows of Ilana Glazer to Watch

Ilana Glazer, the curly-haired and boldly beautiful artist, has lit up the shows with her exclusive presence. She was a co-star and co-creator of the famous, Broad City. She describes her choice of work as she wants to do whatever feels most terrifying.

Anyway, here is the list of shows and movies where Ilana Glazer has outshone her performances. If you want to watch them right now. Stream the shows, or catch the reruns on your cable. We would recommend you sign up for a TV and Internet bundle offered by Spectrum. You will enjoy HD streaming and get access to over 140+ channels in a go. Also, if you speak Spanish, you may dial away telefono de Spectrum to learn more.

Check out the list here:

1 – Sell/Buy/Date

2 – False Positive

3 – Ilana Glazer: The Planet is Burning

4 – Rough Night

5 – The Night Before

6 – Green Eggs and Ham

7 – The Afterparty

8 – The Boys Presents: Diabolical


Lesser Known Facts About Ilana Glazer

Ilana Glazer has an incredible resemblance to Alia Shawkat, an actress and artist. They have the same short curly hair and a bright smile.

Ilana was born and raised in the US but she is of Polish and Russian descent.

Ilana met the Actress, Singer, and Songwriter Rachel Bloom after college in Brooklyn.

Ilana has no interest in Sports except for Tennis. She watches men’s and women’s Tennis. However, she is into gaming. She has a YouTube channel, titled Chronic Gamer Girl. On this channel, she interviews people and shares comic content. She uploaded her last video 9 years ago, and it seems like Ilana can’t make time off her busy schedule from her TV.

Another interesting thing about Ilana is that she does the perfect impersonation of Michael Jackson and sings in his quintessential voice.

She does a great impersonation of Michael Jackson. She sings beautifully in South Park Michael Jackson’s voice.


Wrapping Up

That is it. Ilana Glazer is a superstar artist and writer, who makes her presence eminent with her art and skills

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