A Fashion Guide for Your Next Getaway

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Doesn’t a getaway sound so romantic? You don’t even have to go on one with somebody because sometimes travelling to a beautiful and intriguing place is romantic by default. That is one of the biggest reasons people plan a vacation! Sometimes everyday life can become a little boring, and a fun trip can spice up life and give you life long memories. As soon as you plan your trip, you will probably find yourself daydreaming about the adventures you are bound to have and what you will be wearing during those adventures. Obviously whatever it is will be very fashionable and fun. If you are looking for some fashion inspiration, here is a guide that can help you stay excited for your departure date.

Tropical Location

Picking a tropical location is a classic vacation tendency for people all over the world. Warm weather unlocks a sense of freedom inside of people that leads to the best times. So whether you are going to an all inclusive resort in Bali or hopping on an exciting Caribbean cruise, there are some ultimate pieces you should bring. Pack a versatile yet cute linen style button up that is slightly oversized. This can act as a cute coverup that can be french tucked into a pair of cute jean shorts with a scarf belt to transition to a lunch under the sunshine post tanning. Another piece you should definitely include in your luggage is a wide brimmed sun hat. These are useful at staving off nasty sunburns and making you look chic.

Winter Wonderland

Not everyone prefers oceans and sunshine. Some people want to travel to a snowy, mountainous landscape. Drinking hot cocoa by a blazing fire with the scent of pine trees wafting through the chilly air sounds pretty relaxing. In order to stay warm and stay cute, you should bring a cute down jacket. A popular style right now is a boxy, loose cut jacket with large, horizontal baffles. Find one in your favorite color and match it with a wool hat, fleece leggings and waterproof boots to make yourself a cozy and adorable outfit. For that extra, personal flair, you can switch out those leggings for your favorite pair of corduroy pants for a fashion forward look.

Backpacking Around Europe

For the more adventurous of heart, plan your vacation by not planning your vacation. Book a one way ticket to your favorite European country and grab your backpacking sized pack and just go! Anyone who intends to train hop from country to country with nothing but a pack on their back knows the crucial importance of versatile and cute pieces of clothing. Some good examples of this include long skirts with boho patterns, neutral tone tank tops and thick headbands. A fun way to look super together even if you haven’t showered in three or four days is to bring a headband with a boho print that matches your skirt! Switch out one neutral tone tank top for another for two days of outfits.

Urban Jungle

There are those that like the promise of unplanned adventures who still want to keep those adventures within city limits. Some good spots for people like this include New York City, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Chicago. Big cities are typically the epicenter of the fashion world, so you want to be on your A game when roaming through the streets of destinations like these! For an easy and comfortable all-day outfit, try out a pair of the popular pants with slits at the ankle, chunky sneakers and a funky cropped sweater. You may have people doing a double take as you strut past them on your way to the closest coffee shop.

No matter where you are planning to go on that romantic getaway, you are sure to have a good time. You can elevate that good time into a great time by showing up with your fashion game on point. With the right clothes you can be prepared for all of the good times to come!


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