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There are many cosmetic solutions available today for thinning eyebrows, from tattooing them to simply using cosmetics to cover the balding spots. However, constantly having to cover up those areas, worrying about your makeup running or your tattoo fading can give you a sense of anxiety and unease about your appearance, like you keep having something to hide.

This is why few of these temporary cosmetic fixes can match the unique look and feel of eyebrows regrowing naturally, after a successful transplant procedure. The confidence you get from watching your own body do what it is supposed to – produce symmetric, healthy looking brows is irreplaceable. It allows you to effectively turn back the clock to younger days, before insecurities, when you looked like yourself and loved the face you saw in the mirror.


Why are my eyebrows thinning?

We spoke to eyebrow hair transplant specialists from Wimpole Clinic, an award winning hair transplant clinic in London about the few common causes which may be responsible for your eyebrow hair loss. They are as follows:

– Excessive plucking – this is the main reason why women experience sometimes permanent eyebrow thinning

– Alopecia – a condition where the hair on your head and sometimes your brows falls out in certain patterns or spots.

– Trauma or injury – where scarring occurs over part of your eyebrow and doesn’t allow hair to grow

– Side effects of medication (such as excessive Vitamin A intake) or chemotherapy

– Psychological conditions – stress and anxiety can make your hair fall out, while trichotillomania makes you pull out your eyebrows when under pressure.

– Skin conditions – such as eczema, psoriasis etc.


How can an Eyebrow Hair Transplant Help Me?

An eyebrow hair transplant is a very simple, painless and non-invasive procedure, where some healthy hairs are collected from your other eyebrow (in case only one is affected) or your head and reimplanted on the balding spots of the thinning one. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and lasts only a few hours, allowing you to go right back home once it is completed.

Eyebrow hair transplants have shown very good results on thinning produced by many of the causes listed above (except for side-effects of medication, severely scarred tissue due to injury, trichotillomania and certain autoimmune conditions)

These results are not limited simply to random additional hair growth. When using the services of a skilled and experienced surgeon for the procedure, he will turn the implantation of your new eyebrow hair follicles into a work of art. Each hair is carefully removed using a very small and sharp “punch”, a special tool which punches a minuscule round incision around the root of the follicle to allow its removal. Then a sapphire blade is used to create tiny slits in the skin of your brow, where hairs are placed individually and precisely at the perfect angle to give them a natural look.


What results can I expect from an Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

6-12 months after the surgery, your new eyebrow hair should be growing densely and thickly, in line with the old one, with no one being able to tell you had a transplant just by looking at you. A majority of patients report being very happy with the results they obtained from this discreet and precise procedure, which has the power to restore more than just your eyebrows – your confidence and peace of mind

Of course, in order to ensure that you are getting the best possible outcome from a surgeon who is a true cosmetic artist, it is highly recommended that you do some research before scheduling the procedure. It is advisable to avoid low-priced clinics, where you are likely to be operated on by a technician. Consider the higher fees of reputable clinics an investment in one of your most valuable possessions – your appearance – and only accept the help of an experienced medical professional who can show you a consistent portfolio of their work.


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