5 Tricks to Make Yourself Look More Presentable on a Short Notice

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At first glance, confidence depends on your inner feelings. If you feel confident inside, it’s unlikely that something about your appearance will make people think otherwise. But a lot of things depend on the way we look. For some, knowing that they haven’t washed their hair in the morning can cause a lot of mental trouble, even if no one can tell that their hair is dirty.

And it’s not style over substance. Although sometimes you can hide your lack of knowledge or some skills by having the looks, the appearance, generally, reinforces your skills. When you are writing an essay or find a service that offers an essay to buy, you need to make sure that not only the content is great but that it looks good. That’s why formatting must be intact.

Just like making your essay presentable helps you get higher grades, making yourself presentable will bring you many benefits. That’s the answer to the question of why looking presentable is essential. But the question remains what benefits it can bring. There are a lot of advantages, but they can all be condensed to the following list:

– A confidence boost;

– Making a great impression;

– Respect from others;

– Possibility to explore more styles;

– Inspires responsibility.

When you’re confident about your looks, you are confident about everything else. Being presentable allows you to make a great impression on everyone, and people respect that. Presentable doesn’t mean following one style. You can explore a lot of styles that make you look that way. Finally, it imbues responsibility. And that’s what we are going to talk about.

To be fair, it’s impossible to make one look presentable in a blink of an eye. It’s the responsibility that allows you to look neat and tidy all the time. So, instead of thinking of non-existing tricks to look presentable in a matter of seconds, let’s figure out ways to maintain that look all the time.



Change Your Color

Someone is born with a hair color that perfectly matches their personality, while others find that going blonde, brunette, or red suits them better than their natural hair color. Changing the hair color can boost your confidence if it’s picked correctly. But it can diminish your confidence if you make a mistake. That’s why you should consult someone before dying your hair.


But there’s a trick that you can use. Whatever color you pick, choose the one that has a shade or two of your natural color. Firstly, it will be easier to maintain it; secondly, it won’t look ridiculous when your roots grow. You can also try going a bit darker or lighter with your natural hair color rather than doing a complete makeover.


Change Your Hairstyle

Someone has a perfect face shape that, regardless of the hairstyle they choose, looks presentable. Others have to take their face shape into account when choosing a hairstyle. For example, a round face looks better with asymmetrical haircuts. In contrast, a long face looks better with short or medium-length haircuts. Those with an oval and heart-shaped face are the lucky ones, as any hairstyle will do.


But aside from your face shape, you need to flatter your head shape. Trying out a hairstyle without considering your head shape means you can end up with a haircut that doesn’t suit you. If you have a long head shape, try a wider style on the side. Don’t try haircuts that would elongate your head. If you have a round or square head, try something that emphasizes length or height.


Use Dry Shampoo

Continuing with hair, you surely need to wash your hair for it to look great. But here’s a problem. You don’t always have time to wash your hair. When you have to decide between washing your hair and getting to the appointment late or getting to it on time, but with dirty hair – both variants are terrible.


But there’s a trick that you can use. You can avoid this problem using a dry shampoo. Your hair looks clean, and it can stay styled longer. Also, dry shampoo can lengthen the time between regular shampooing, which is beneficial as your hair doesn’t dry out. But it’s better to use it in cases of emergency, not as a substitute for the shampoo.


Dress Accordingly

Dressing accordingly may mean taking into account the event you are about to attend. But, in general, you need to dress according to your body shape. Regardless of the event or what’s in vogue, you should wear an outfit that looks good on you. Fashion trends may be short-lived, and they may not be for you. Sometimes following the trends may make you look ridiculous.


So, if you want to look presentable regardless of the fashion trends, make sure that your clothes show off your best assets. Forget about the labels if they don’t fit you. The way you look in the outfit matters more than its label and the price tag.


Change Your Posture

In addition to dressing appropriately, you need to take into account your posture. No matter how accordingly you are dressed, your posture can spoil the image that your clothes helped to create. Body language is highly important when you want to look presentable. That’s why you need to work on your posture. And there are a few tricks that you can use.


If you want your confidence to show, you should stand up straight. Also, remember to keep your arms open. People with low confidence generally cross their arms and legs and keep their eyes down. So, remember to stand and walk straight and keep your arms open. When talking to people, don’t put your eyes down. Maintain eye contact.


Final Thoughts

By following those simple rules, you will forget about worrying that something is wrong with you. You won’t have to figure out how to make yourself look good five minutes before the event, as you always look great. And following those tricks will make you feel more confident about yourself.


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