Straight Leg


Straight-Leg is a look found in trousers. A straight-leg trouser does not show any areas of particularly fitting such as darting and may have little design features.

The earliest form of straight-leg trousers were cigarette trousers from the 1930s. Later in the 1990s they then became a usual look in jeans for both men and women.

For 2012, the straight-leg is to be on trend again, seeing this with Paul Smith’s A/W 12 colourfully striped trousers, immersing oranges, reds and blues to show rebellion to the traditional trouser. 3.1 Phillip Lim A/W 12 though invested in a print, pairing the trousers with elegant black heels; making for a powerful stance.

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Written by Hollyann Prince

Hollyann Prince, graduating in International Fashion Business at Nottingham Trent University next year, currently writing the Silhouette & Looks and Accessories section of the Dictionary for Catwalk Yourself. A lover of fashion history and everything unique.

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