Puffy is a description of which means to describe a silhouette that appears bigger, almost as if the garment were filled with air and can disproportion some areas.

A puffy silhouette was largely taken on board in the 1980s but originated from the 1890s with a leg o’ mutton sleeve, or a cap sleeve which looked puffy but was taken in at the bottom of it. Bloomers also gave a puffy appearance again being taken in at the bottom of the short.

This silhouette can take form in sleeves, jackets, coats, trousers (may be referred to are Harem pants) and skirts. It can be designed in most fabrics such as cotton and organza.

Producing an over-sized exterior, jackets motioned to a puffy silhouette for 2012. Meadham Kirchkoff A/W showed eccentricity in a heavy, blue, fluffy creation. Chanel Couture S/S took on a similar approach but kept intricate rose detailing in beautiful blues along with John Rocha A/W who showed a ruffled metallic green jacket, encasing the model in a puffy delight.


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