Loose is the name given to describe clothing which does not fit the body in a certain area or all over. On loose clothing there may be little or no need for fastenings so they may be used for design features. Loose clothing deemed to become fashionable during the 1960s with the hippie trend which then followed through into the 1980s where clothing that was loose would also hang from the shoulder.

A loose silhouette can sometimes be unflattering, allowing for the body to be seen in a larger proportion. It may be worn for trends suggesting an effortless look and garments that are loose can be created in many different fabric compositions as it is the cut that creates the looseness.

For S/S 2012 a loose silhouette is still dominating the catwalk which is seen through Yohji Yamamoto’s black, excessive dress with hangs heavily on the body creating folds in its looseness. DKNY used brighter colours though, showing a billowing over sized shirt that flows gracefully due to its loose shape.


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