It’s hard to define where lace-up shoes have been first created and what the original style was due to the enormous amount of different lace-up styles today. The style of lace-up have been seen in museums dating back to medieval times which clearly show the lacing passing through a series of holes down the front or side of the shoe. The different styles of lace ups today are men’s formal shoes like a brogue or oxford, closed up using laces as part of their design. The styles of lace-ups are endless however they all have the lace in common tieding them up. Many are the designers especially for Man that use this type of shoe every season.

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Paige Carter, studying footwear and accessories at Northampton University. She has passion and eye for footwear and loves handbags and enjoys fashion writing and blogging. Ambitions to be a shoes and accessories designer. Paige is part of Catwalk yourself writing the shoes dictionary section.

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