18th Edition of the Designer Christmas Tree

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This December brought the annual return of the Designer Christmas Tree Associations charity auction in Paris.  The auction, in association with Christmasworld, raises money for Foundation AVEC, a cancer charity created by Professor David Khayat gathering every year a lot of attention around the world and contributions from many famous designers such as Christian Dior, Kenzo Takada and Emilio Pucci.

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This year has seen the association’s 18th edition, held in the Salomon de Rothschild Hotel in Paris with the theme of awakening the senses.  With this appeared a lot of light (such as Jean Paul Gaultier’s busty creation) and, for the first time ever, edible trees from such famous pastry chefs as Pierre Hermé and Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alléno.

The brain behind this highly couture and extremely creative project is French fashion journalist Marie-Christiane Marek who unveiled the 18th edition’s 40 beautiful creations on the 9th December in order to be auctioned off.  This prestigious event encourages equally as prestigious designers to contribute every year with eye-catching and beautiful creations, each as magnificent as the last.  It is therefore no wonder that, in past years, the association has managed to raise around 90,000euro.  And this year was no different.  With the added help from the introduction of the gastronomical Christmas trees it was announced on 10th December that the auction had raised the huge amount of 78,500euro, all of which are forwarded to Foundation AVEC in Paris.


The amazing rose-covered tree created by the world-renowned Christian Dior went for a jaw-dropping 10,000euro while Jean Paul Gaultier’s creativity with his tree wearing a lit-up corset caused his design to raise a wonderful and life-changing 3000euro.

Although a year away, next year’s edition will bring with it even more couture, more designs and hopefully even more money for the event’s chosen charity.


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