Marc Jacobs: The evolution of a creative genius

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We want to celebrate the ultimate workmanship of Marc Jacobs, former Creative Director that has graced the Louis Vuitton (LV) House for sixteen years. What he has brought to this once conservative brand can only be described as inspirational creativity. He has injected fun and exoticism, revamping the brand. Have a look with us down memory lane…

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Moving on, for the sake of establishing and nurturing his own brand, we are sure that the LV fashion house will truly miss Marc Jacobs. However, they will surely have an amazing sense of pride in all that he has achieved. In a sense, they have been the cocoon in which this wonderful young talent has undergone metamorphism, transforming into the matured designer that he is. This evolutionary process that Marc Jacobs and the LV brand have undergone has made an indelible stamp in the annals of fashion history.


So, from its conception and birth in 1998/1999, a blank canvas stripped down to its most natural and basic elements, which featured chic organic ready-to-wear styles…







… to his playful antics seen in the Autumn/Winter 2009 show.

We are given bursts of couture and elements of childhood fantasies. Femme fatale is given license to become whatever she desires; with a burst of colour,  exotic fabics and feminine cuts, all of which gave the brand an international appeal in the Spring – Summer 2011 show.

Marc Jacobs Spring – Summer 2013 collaboration with Daniel Buren gave us an amazing burst of his passion for art. Models cascading down a moving runway—in the form of escalators spectacularly clad in the same prints—in a flood of visually powerful and graphic styles.

this true visionary puts on a show of a lifetime.

The end is poigniant, a circus where memorabilia of his past shows are recreated and where black is the dominant colour, fulfilling the complete circle. He proves one last time his superiority as he strips colour back to basics, whilst maintaining an amazing edginess created by ornate feathers tassles and lace.

Marc Jacobs takes his last bow in the House of Louis Vuitton. As one chapter closes, another opens. We wish him as much success in the coming years as he has had in the house of Louis Vuitton. The show must go on.


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