Cartier Exhibits in Paris

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Have you ever wondered about the story behind some of the most exquisite pieces of jewellery? The inspiration? The designer? The cut? The state of society around the time it was made? Now, none other than Cartier himself can answer all these questions.

Until the 16th February 2014, the Grand Palais in Paris will be the host of 600 jewels, items of clothing, sketches and paintings; all in aid of exhibiting the most timeless and intimate pieces in a century from Cartier.

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Never before seen items and those owned by many celebrities will be on display in order to tell their story and express their role in society at that time.

Some of the most popular pieces on display are the Halo Diadem; the tiara worn by Kate Middleton on her Wedding day to Prince William which was made in 1936, a ruby necklace owned by Elizabeth Taylor, given to her by her 3rd husband and a rare 23.6ct pink Williamson diamond found in a flower brooch, on loan from Queen Elizabeth II.

From Classicism, Cartier’s era of “Jeweller to Kings” to the somewhat radical inventions of style moderne, the displays are an invigorating insight into the evolution of taste and social codes at that time.

Take a trip through the years of class, sophistication, glamour and craftsmanship that can only be seen to be believed, to the final section of the exhibition, dedicated to the Panther. Artists in the 1920s and 30s were captivated by the feline and it has since become an emblem of Cartier, symbolising the link between an object and life.

Indulge yourself in the wonderland of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies; feast your eyes on some of the most spectacular jewels known to man and explore the world of jewellery through the eyes of the creator himself, Cartier.


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