Stone Island: What Fashion Trends To Follow For Men This Summer?

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Just like women’s trends, men’s fashion trends are also changing day by day. Designers are working hard to bring evolution to the fashion industry. There are a lot of things you can adopt this summer to give your personality a cool look. Survey different outlets like the stone island to find what’s new these days and how you can give your personality a persuasive touch. Few dresses and styles that are in now days are as follows.

Bomber  Jackets

Bomber jacket mens are going to be super hot these days. The classic aviator jacket will give you alluring touch. These areas are available in functional nylon to classic high shine flight jackets.  Moreover, there are present the cropped minimalist jackets by the designers that offer a neat look that lacksa maximalist look.

Ultra-Wide Trousers

Ultra-wide trousers for men are in these days. These well-tailored pieces when worn with tees and button-up shirts bring elegance. The designers have introduced the trousers with high cut and retro vibes. While there are available other styles also. These include the sportier look with tracksuit and cargo-style trousers.

Oversize Trench Coats

The trench coat is one of the wonderful springtime staples. The designers have added a voluminous twist to the coats. This summer, the trenches with long length and available with dusty rose and midnight blue hues. You can pair the trench coat with sneakers and your denim to give yourself a complete look. Moreover, you can wear it with cotton jeans and informal shoes as well.

Bermuda Shorts

Keep yourself relaxed and comfortable by wearing Bermuda shorts. These are in trend again. The models on runways have introduced these shots with unique designs that purely reflect the summer hues.  You will find mostly soft used tones. You can pair your shorts with sneakers, tube socks, or t-shirts. Moreover, you can make the strongest pair with your sandals also.

Shirts With A Statement Look

If you are in a mood to have some playful dresses in your wardrobe then don’t forget to buy the statement shirts. These creative shirts with poplin styles and origami shirts.  You can wear it alone or with a tee or vest.  Moreover, you can wear it with your cotton pants or jeans to give yourself a stupendous look.

1970s Redux Is Again In Trend

This year the latest fashion shows have displayed the redux style dresses. It means now in the market you will find 1970s redux style pairing and look alluring by wearing such suits. This looks awesome and you will be having an inspiring touch.

Final Thoughts

These are few fashion styles that are in trend nowadays. If you want to have a comfortable feel and want to stay relax in warm summers then wear the light cotton stuff and light tone hues to have a wonderful appeal. You will look awesome and everyone will admire your choice.



Written by Lola McQuenzie

Lola is one of our most busy writer, She worked for Catwalk Yourself since 2007 and still producing her 2-3 artiles per week. Lola graduaded at Central St Martins and started working wth us soon after

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