Top 6 Fashion Wedding Dresses To Choose

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Top on the list for most brides while wedding planning is the wedding dress. Almost nothing of import can get done if the bride dress has not been found. A great source for wedding ideas for dresses and every other aspect of a wedding is past and present trends. This is why we have had a dig through these ever-changing trends to find you the top 2020 wedding dresses to choose from for your wedding.

From style to color, fabric and body shape, there is so much to consider when choosing the right dress. However, with these top wedding dresses trends, you should be able to find the right type of dress for you. We have here the styles and types of wedding dresses you need to know going forward into 2020. Find the best inspiration from our list of trends wedding dresses below.

Top 6 Fashion Wedding Dresses to Choose

1. Plunging Back Wedding Dresses

There’s almost nothing as daring as a wedding dress with a naked back. Even more daring than the plunging v-neckline, these barely there backs are a trend we believe we will see more of in this brand new decade. Whether it’s a plunging back mini or maxi dress, it is most definitely a sexy choice. If you’re looking for a romantic number for your wedding and you don’t mind stepping away from the norm, you might consider this style of wedding gown for your special day.


2. Super High Slit Wedding Dresses

Designers have taken things up a notch with the new, super high and daring slits that have made their appearance not only on celebrity runways but on wedding dresses as well. This magnificent show of leg now takes up over half of a mini dress or skirt and at least half of a floor-length gown. You must agree that this is a look to go with if you’re planning on making an entrance worth remembering.

3. Lingerie Inspired Corset Wedding Dresses

The corset wedding dresses seem to be an inspiration from shows like Moulin Rouge on Broadway, or some other similar classic. Underwire cups and corsets are making a come back, but not on just lingerie this time; on wedding dresses. The result is sexy, sultry and lingerie-inspired dresses that call to the bride who is looking for something out of the ordinary and twice as sexy.

4. Off-the-shoulder Puff Sleeves Wedding Dresses

So far, this style has stayed in trend every season. So, if you are looking for a wedding dress style that isn’t going anywhere any time soon, then this might be the one for you. Inspired from 80s styles of puff sleeves and off-the-shoulder gowns, this is a great option for fall wedding gowns. With the right hairstyle and accessories, you can be sure to pull it off beautifully.

5. Floral Wedding Dresses

Another great option for fall designs is floral wedding dresses. Quite a number of 2020 fall collections already have this vibe of floral prints, bold accessories and headpieces, garden type wedding frocks and even floral wedding earrings. If you are looking to have a whimsy theme wedding, rustic, or outdoor wedding, this might be a great choice for you. Another trendy take on floral print wedding dresses is butterflies which are also making their appearance this season. So, if you would prefer our pretty winged friends to flowers, you will not be out of place.

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6. Blush Wedding Dresses

While blush wedding dresses are not new, they are becoming even more sexier and dramatic this new season. Even the most ardent believer in the white dress might consider a blush wedding dress when they see the new designs and styles being created in blush. With fabrics like tulle, lace and even feathers in full dresses, layered skirts, minis and even chic pants, it would be impossible to ignore the blush wedding dress in 2020.

Trends come and go, but a beautiful wedding dress will always be beautiful, no matter the year. With so many options to choose from in bride dress, including wedding dress restoration to bring vintage gowns back to their former glory. From wedding dresses with belts, black wedding dresses as opposed to white, and halter wedding dresses which come in a variety of styles. The bride of the year 2020 will be spoiled for choice and have nothing to worry about when looking for the perfect wedding dress that will make that special day complete.


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