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Selling items online is not the easiest job out there, particularly because of the tight competition among vendors. One of the best ways to make yourself stand out if by branding your products. Granted, creating a logo that is as recognisable as Nike or Logo may be a far-away goal, but you can still create a brand with a message.

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As many industry experts have mentioned, people buy clothes because they need to express themselves with their outfits. With so many choices nowadays, people are able to select items that fit their personalities and the values they stand for. That is why you need to make sure your message is clear to your clients.

Here are a few ways you can promote your fashion brand online:

Colour Consistency

The colours you use for your brand should be consistent on all pages of your online store, as well as your social media pages. People should be able to associate certain colours with your brand. Besides the colours, you should be consistent with your message, voice, and personality. The result here is that you will be able to engage more with your clients and will end up making more sales.

Take Excellent Pictures

As mentioned earlier, there are many people marketing their fashion brands online. If you take low-quality pictures, you will end up losing potential customers since you will not grasp their attention sufficiently. With excellent editing, all your items should be able to attract the attention of people online, and the advantage is that such photos can easily market themselves. People will be inspired to share the store information with their friends and family.

Many sellers nowadays create lookbooks for a more engaging shopping experience. For the best results with lookbooks, you will have to use a Shopify theme which supports the app and you may also need to hire a PhotoShop expert. Note that a lookbook also includes some information on the items displayed. For more information on how to use lookbooks, you can read more here.

Be Active on Social Media

Today, almost all online stores understand the importance of social media marketing. The only thing many people get wrong is being too promotional on these sites. Granted, you have to post your offers and products on the sites to get people interested in your products. But once in a while, you should engage people in discussions that do not directly relate to your products.

Make sure you respond to questions posed to you on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Respond to any comments made to your products, even the negative reviews. Make sure your clients get the sense that there is a human with a personality behind the brand.


You can quickly grow your fashion brand by following the tips listed above. If you have trouble implementing any of the tips, you should consider hiring experts. Some of them can have devastating impacts if implemented wrongly. Also, remember to be patient and let your brand grow over time.


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