Top 5 Watch Brands for Men You Should Know About

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Not all watches are similar or equal in terms of features, performance, design and reliability. There are some timepieces that are on their own league in terms of uniqueness, luxury and taste. By combining a stylish aesthetic with impressive craftsmanship, the top brand watches are more complex than any simple time accessories. Ideally, they are wearable art pieces. Therefore, for people looking for a model that will function excellently and remain fashionable throughout its life, you should consider any of these top brands:


Omega is an influential brand that boasts as one of the best Swiss luxury timepiece collection. The brand boasts of solid construction with a professionally-inspired design. The history of the brand dates back to over a century ago when it was used for official timekeeping in combat during world war one by British Flying Corps.

Over the years, the brand has undergone a series of improvements, innovations and design modifications. Presently, the brand prides itself in a fluid Swiss movement that is famous for its reliability and flexibility to conform to different time zones. This contemporary luxury watch brand has a detailed dial that is decorated with attractive hour markers, luminous hands, and date window among other extras.


A group of Swiss and Japanese investors came together in 1930 to establish the Citizen Watch brand. This new entrant revolutionized the global timepiece sector by launching the first-ever atomic timekeeping time accessory in 1993. The accuracy of this timekeeping is one second in a hundred-thousand years thereby making the brand one of the most precise and accurate timepieces. Most of the accessories from the brand come with a traditional design with a contemporary touch.

Citizen has successful watch models such as their eco-drive series, whose popularity and recognitions stretches across the globe. The series has become a highlight of the brand’s efforts towards conserving the environment. The Citizen brand is loaded with tons of features and functionalities including multiple time zones, radio-control functionality, impressively designed dials and dynamic designs.


Arguably one of the most famous and popular watch brands across the globe, Rolex is a brand that nearly everyone recognizes due to its solid design and construction. The watch has an amazingly 100% recognition dues to its exclusive designs, features and durability. Most watch collectors and enthusiasts have owned the timepiece at one point in their lives. However, all fame aside, the brand has a wide range of models for everyone; the youth and old alike.

Official estimates have it that Rolex produces about 2,000 watches every day.  This is an indication of how strong the brand enjoys a solid customer-base. Like other top brands, Rolex watches boast of high-end features, performance and reliability. It is also worth noting that the brand has the highest resale value for luxury watch brands in the world.


If you are looking for a watch brand that draws its inspirations from the past but redesigned for present times.  This American brand is passionately rooted in a vintage and authentic design. The signature watches from Fossil boast of classy materials including stainless steel casing and leather accessories for the straps. The company strives towards creating high-quality timepieces that are flexible and use the latest technology.

The streamlined designs of the brand are complemented by Japanese quartz movements with some newer models featuring Swiss movements. The company has numerous outlets across the globe; with these outlets manufacturing timepieces that cater for different market segments.  The sophisticated models from the company are some of the most expensive in the world with some models costing over $25,000.  The watches are fashion accessories with decent designs and features. Timepieces in this brand have trendy features and styles.


Bulova is a top American watch brand established in 1875 and presently owned by Citizen Watch Company; a Japanese conglomerate. Boasting of geometric silhouettes with sleek designs, the brand has an unlimited watch collection with distinctive features and high contrast materials. Powered by a high-performance 262 kHz quartz movement with extraordinary precision, the models in the brand are top of the range in their class. Another common feature of Bulova time accessories is that they feature modern styles with strikingly attractive décor effects.

Bulova has watches for every category of people including professionals, collectors, all genders and all age groups. What is more unique about these gadgets is that they have some of the best reliability and stability stats in the market. The pioneered movements with curvy designs are built to last throughout the brand’s life. Overall, Bulova timepieces has a stellar reputation for their style and affordability.

With any of the top watch brands currently in the market, you can be assured to get the best value for your money. These accessories are built to sustain any wear and tear due to consistent use. The high-level craftsmanship in the timepieces makes them some of the must-own time accessories in present times.


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