The Most Lovable Symbols in Animal Jewelry

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Animals are incredible creatures. Unlike humans, they live in perfect harmony with nature and the world around them. They don’t violate its fragile balance to satisfy their needs. Animals have always fascinated people with their beauty and simplicity, which we seem to have lost a long time ago.

owl-ringIntuitively, many people feel that we have something to learn from animals, birds, and nature in general. This is why we are still trying to be around our feathered, four-legged, and aquatic friends. Even if it’s only by the means of animal jewelry … Animal rings, pendants, and earrings never go out of fashion. Each person is subconsciously drawn to a particular animal. This means that when picking animal rings jewelry, you need to listen to your inner voice. If you make the right choice, your animal will become your totem, your saint patron.


Butterflies personify the lightness of being, pure causeless joy, optimism, and a positive attitude towards life. This is a carefree, exalted creature that lives the moment and symbolizes the eternal spring and spiritual transformation.

Carl Sagan once said “We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever’. Butterflies are graceful and cheerful creatures but also they are flippant and harum-scarum. People who choose jewelry with this symbol possess these qualities, too.

Despite certain carelessness, butterflies have something magic in them. By transforming from a caterpillar into a beautiful divine creature, butterflies represent the er think they areternal renewal of the world, immortality, mysterious natural metamorphoses, and the wheel of life that never stops spinning. A vibrant, mesmerizing, and eye-catching butterfly is one of the most gorgeous creatures in nature.

A ring, brooch, or a pendant adorned with a butterfly is a perfect gift to a cheerful and radiant woman who generously gives others her warm energy and charges them with optimism. Along with that, it can become a treasured talisman for a mischievous schoolgirl or an unpredictable teenager.


A cat is a companion of independent, wayward, freedom-loving, and slightly capricious persons. Women really like being compared to cats. They enjoy ascribing to themselves their grace and charm, feeling wild and elegant as felines, and “walking on their own”.

In ancient Egypt, a cat was considered a sacred animal. Even today, we think that cats are special. A cat is a self-sufficient creature but it enjoys being adored, extolled, and bestowed with all kinds of honors. If you want to make a girl the best compliment, tell her that she resembles a graceful cat. You can actually say it without words, just give her a baset pendant featuring an image of a “little lion”, and your chosen one will surely appreciate your insight.


Dolphins are beautiful, kind, and intelligent creatures. They embody friendliness, freedom, happiness, and love. Dolphins are neither fish nor they are land animals. They belong to two elements at once – Air and Water. Therefore, as a talisman, they are perfect for people born in such zodiac signs as Aquarius, Pisces, Libra, Gemini, Scorpio, and Cancer. A dolphin is an active mammal, that’s why dolphin jewelry is perfect for energetic and tireless people, as well as those who are madly in love with the sea. For such individuals, a dolphin pendant or brooch will remind of holidays, endless ocean, and carefree time.

The main qualities attributed to dolphins are joy, wisdom, playfulness, and compassion. Many sailors said that they had witnessed how dolphins rescued shipwrecked people and successfully delivered them to the shore.

Giving a pendant with a dolphin to a friend or girlfriend is a great way to compliment their charm and charisma. With its help, you can express your feelings and thank for the joy they bring to your life.

The main qualities attributed to dolphins are joy, wisdom, playfulness, and compassion — just like Virgos.”


Wisdom, knowledge, judgment, erudition, and insight – these are the qualities that are attributed to this mysterious, self-sufficient, and attractive bird. An owl pendant is an excellent present to a person whose intelligence you admire. It will also resonate with people who lead mainly a nocturnal lifestyle.

An owl is a mystery no one can solve. As an amulet, it is ideal for purposeful and holistic individuals. It is also good to have an owl close at hand if you go through training or learn something new. For example, a school person, a student, and an individual aimed at self-improvement will certainly benefit from such a talisman. An owl will help an avid careerist reach their goals faster and move up the career ladder.


A curled serpent symbolizes the Wheel of Life. It encompasses both good and evil, light and darkness, as well as feminine and masculine energy. Some believe that a snake is a negative symbol but this is not so. It is as negative as it is positive.

Serpents reflect and strengthen such female-attributed qualities as intuition, mystery, sexuality, sharp mind, and cunning. A snake is a temptress, so jewelry with this symbol is perfect for a seductive and attractive woman who is confident and knows the power of her charms. On top of that, because snakes change their skin, they represent eternal life, health, and renewal. When it comes to women, a snake shedding her old skin means that ladies are always different, they mask their true appearance, and they tend to experience a change of heart.


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