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Photo by Agto Nugroho on Unsplash

Photo by Agto Nugroho on Unsplash

Back in February, the brand Alleira Batik’s traditional prints made an impact at New York’s Fashion Week, where they showed a collection of dresses, tunics and structured jackets in traditional printed batik patterns. Prints, patches and tie dye are all in vogue this year, but as an alternative to buying expensive designer creations, they are also easy to recreate yourself. Batik and other textile printing techniques are an effective way to customise your wardrobe, and create unique pieces of striking and stylish clothing.

Express Your Personality

Designing your own t-shirt is a simple way to create a distinctive item of clothing. The advances in modern heat press machines mean that printing designs on t-shirts is straightforward and inexpensive. As a classic iconic fashion item for over a century, the plain t-shirt is a staple of every wardrobe. However, as a blank canvas, it’s also the perfect place to display your personal tastes and express your unique personality to the world. With readily available printing technology, DIY fashion reminiscent of the punk era is very much back in vogue. Whether you choose a slogan to reflect your beliefs, an icon to show loyalty or an eye-catching abstract design, a printed t-shirt becomes so much more than a basic item of clothing.

Unique Patterns With Tie Dye

Tie dye is a major fashion trend this year, and this season is even being called the summer of tie dye. Recently embraced by iconic figures like Beyoncé, and displayed on the catwalk by top designers such as Stella McCartney, Chloe and Prada, it is already being copied by high street stores. Fortunately, the method is easy to follow yourself. Tie dye is unpredictable, producing different results every time, but of course, this makes every piece you create unique and individual. A common item to dye is a plain white t-shirt. By folding or crumpling it up, tying elastic bands around it and then placing it in dye, you can create unusual, one-off patterns on the material.

Enhance Your Individual Style

Another trend for 2019 is colourful and mismatched patchwork, applied to dresses, sweaters and even shoes. To recreate whole outfits in patchwork might be ambitious, but as a compromise, embellishing clothing with embroidered patches and other trimmings is easy to do. Embroidered patches have a long history, from their first use in the military to decorative embellishment popular in the 70s, and, as a noticeable style trend, they come and go time and again. Whatever your taste in fashion, simply adding a quirky patch to a plain t-shirt or covering a denim jacket with a collection of your favourite appliqués, creates a unique piece of clothing that shows off your style and personality.

As well as a stylish shape or cut of fabric, designs placed or printed on material can make clothing stand out. By customising clothes with unusual logos, individual patterns and unique designs, you can enhance the impact of any outfit.


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