How To Snag The Latest Designer Fashion Without Going Broke

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Photo by Cam Morin on Unsplash

Photo by Cam Morin on Unsplash

Did you know that Gucci once sold a pair of jeans for $3,134? Or that the most expensive handbag ever made is the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse, which sells for a whopping $3.8 million? If you are someone who loves wearing designer looks, these figures may come as no surprise to you. When it comes to certain designer labels, men and women alike will pay top dollar for the latest clothing and accessories. However, since the average American income currently stands at $56,516 (as reported by CNBC), buying designer products is not usually a realistic option for most. However, if you still want to enjoy the nice things in life, explore three ways to make designer fashion purchases without going broke.

Set aside a specific fashion budget that works with your finances

When making any larger purchase, advanced planning is key. Rather than impulsively buying designer shoes, jeans or sunglasses, create a specific place in your budget for these purchases. Not only will you prevent the guilt that you might feel when buying these items, but you will also avoid putting yourself in a bad financial spot. What are the best ways to budget for big designer purchases? If you know that there will be specific items that you’ll want to get this year, add up the total price, and start saving accordingly. To make the process effortless, automate your savings with your bank or with a trusted savings app. However, if you’re unsure of this cost, estimate how much you’d like to spend throughout the year. This figure can then become your goal. Also, in some cases, financing your yearly purchases may be a wise choice for your financial situation. If you know that you can pay back a loan or credit card bill in a timely manner, you can split up the cost of your designer fashion purchases over the course of a few months, or throughout the entire year.

Find pre-owned looks on eBay

eBay is used by people across the globe to find great items at a discounted price. One of the biggest categories on the eCommerce site is fashion. Whether you enjoy buying Louboutin, Fendi, or Burberry, sellers offer new and past season looks at a major discount. Performing a quick search of your favorite designers will yield all available items. While some products are offered at a fixed price, many sellers will put their items up for auction, or be open to best offers. Using this source for your designer purchases can easily save you hundreds of dollars per item.

Browse high-end consignment stores in your area

In many cities across the country, high-end consignment stores allow people to bring in their designer fashion in hopes of earning extra cash. From gently pre-owned to new looks with the tags still on, these stores offer a range of designer items at a steep discount. Much like on eBay, it is common for customers to save hundreds of dollars per item when buying through a high-end consignment store. To find stores like this in your area, search for consignment stores on the maps feature of Google. Then explore the websites of each listing to ensure that they offer the types of looks you are in search of. Aside from consignments, stores such as T.J. Maxx and Marshalls offer past season looks from many of today’s most popular designer brands, including Lilly Pulitzer, Tommy Bahama and Michael Kors.

If you love designer fashion, but need to watch your budget, you can still get the styles you want. By being strategic with your spending, and knowing the best places to look, you can score the pieces you want at a fraction of the cost.


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