Should Your Bridesmaids Dresses Be the Same Length?

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When planning a wedding, one crucial factor to take into consideration is the wedding party. A lot of decision-making revolves around this group of people, usually being those closest to you. Not only is there often the necessity of travel arrangements and accommodations, but arguably, the most important attribute to consider is apparel.


This is because there is so much to decide upon, especially in terms of your bridesmaids. While men are typically styled in suits or other formal wear, women have dresses to worry about! Dresses come in hundreds of styles, colours, patterns, and lengths – making it sometimes incredibly difficult to choose. In this particular article, we will be discussing bridal party dress lengths and the supposed necessity to have them be identical.


Why “Must” Bridesmaids Dresses Be the Same Length?

Traditionally, both the Maid of Honour and bridesmaids would be dressed uniformly. This was much to do with an emphasis on both the bride’s style preferences, as well as her dress itself. The bride is meant to be the center of attention, as it is truly her day to shine – the best day of her life. Because of this, bridesmaids were often dressed in rather subdued tones, to showcase the stunning white bride’s dress. Also common, was the choice of floor-length dresses, as they were viewed as formal. Uniformity also allows for the eye to immediately be drawn to what stands apart from the crowd, in this case, the bride.

While this is a seemingly sweet gesture towards a bride, in the present-day, many brides are changing the way things are done. This is not to say that now bridesmaids are allowed to upstage the bride, merely that many folks now see the importance in giving their party an opinion. As mentioned, much of the time a bridal party includes your sisters, friends, cousins, etc. These are people you love and cherish, and therefore, value the opinions of. Because of this, many brides have decided to move past traditions and disregard the old rhetoric of all dresses needing to be the same length, design, etc.


How Do You Choose Your Bridesmaids Dress Lengths?

If you’ve also decided to break free from the stereotypical similar length of dresses, that’s fantastic! Utilizing a website like, Cicinia is an excellent option for folks like yourself. This is because of their amazingly large variety of bridesmaid dresses. Giving you vast options on lengths, colour, styles, sizes and more, it’s truly a phenomenal resource for any bride-to-be or wedding party. Not only can you purchase what you require from them, but you’re also able to use their website as a look-book, giving you plenty of ideas!

Since so many brides are now opting to give their party a choice on their dresses, it’s important first to take into consideration what you’d like. While it’s lovely to give everyone a say, it’s still your day, and you’re allowed to give guidelines and restrictions. Many brides opt to decide on lengths and colours in advance, allowing the women in the party the choice of the specific cut or design of their dress. This is generally very much appreciated, as everyone is able to find a dress that they feel comfortable wearing – making it so no one feels awkward during the ceremony or photos!

Brides have the option of choosing classic floor-length bridesmaid dresses, knee-length bridesmaid dresses, or shorter if seen fit. The particular length(s) of choice isn’t important, what is, are the overall opinions of yourself and your party. While opinions may differ, in the end, it’s about what’s going to make everyone feel their best and what the bride wants to remember for years to come.




In conclusion, while traditions may exist for a reason, that doesn’t mean that everyone should feel a necessity to follow them. Your wedding day is one the most important and remembered days in your life, it should be filled with joy. Selecting bridesmaid dresses does play a factor in how the overall day is perceived.

While some brides may prefer to make the decisions entirely themselves (and that’s okay!), some prefer to give their party an opinion. Regardless of which category you find yourself in, it’s merely important to select dresses that bring both happiness and comfort to those wearing them. With length playing such an important factor in the aesthetic of individual dresses and the party as a whole, it’s an important consideration to keep in mind. As long as you’re selecting a length that suits your needs and preferences, you’re sure to have a gorgeous wedding party and day.


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