Is RM Williams A Global Country Fashion Brand?

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The RM Williams brand has been around since the early 1930s, established by Reginald Murray Williams in 1932. Williams is known as a saddle, bridle, and leather boots maker. The brand’s foundation stemmed from William’s design of hand-crafted riding boots made from a single piece of leather sewn together at the back.

The design was a variant of the famous Chelsea boots. RM Williams boots are considered the most practical brand, especially in the Wild West. Each boot produced involves 80 manual processes in a single piece of leather. It made RM Williams a luxury shoe company, used mainly by city dwellers, prestigious personalities, and politicians.

And since this is proudly Australian-made, political figures in Australia use it and offer this as gifts and tokens to other foreign leaders. Even the Australian Army favored the craftsmanship of RM Williams boots and awarded its supply requirement for army boots in 2013.

The company has been turned over to different ownership over the years. It has progressed from famous RM Williams riding boots and accessories to RM Williams clothing, bags, belts, and other leather products. Its products can be purchased from select stores worldwide. And its online sales have grown since the pandemic.

Australia background


It Breathes Of Australia

The recent owners, Andrew and Nicola Forrest brought back RM Williams to the heart of Australia because previous owners brought the manufacturing sites to different parts of the globe. Because of that, after acquiring the company Andrew and Nicola had every intention of bringing back everything to Australia. They want to ensure that RM Williams produces only Australia’s authentic and purely legendary craftsmanship.

RM Williams offers all Australian-made products. The smell of leather speaks of country life, and the lines are all country fashion. It boasts of style, utility, modernism, and elegance. The boots, bags, belts, hats, riding accessories, sneakers, clothing for men and women, and even leather care products all embodies what authentic Australia is.


The Global Influencer

In 2013, RM Williams was sold to the LVMH Group, owning French luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. As a result, it set an upscale in the brand’s marketing, from Australia to the world. The mindset of capturing each client’s style and transforming it into an RM Williams creation is one of the most significant contributions the brand has made to the world.

Creating a country-chic style that exudes the Australian outback is the main attraction in every R.M. Williams branch. The brand is dedicated to sourcing the finest leather from around the world and putting them into the hands of the best craftspeople in Australia. As such, their boots are highly fashionable and durable, earning them a prestigious international reputation.

For this reason, fashion elites travel to RM Williams stores either in Australia or to some of its flagship stores overseas.


Original Aussie In New York 


In 2016, the R.M. Williams brand made a big splash in New York. The store’s unique façade and interiors generated a buzz when it first opened. The flagship store featured a timber shopfront inspired by traditional Australian stockyard fencing.

The shop has a long copper-plated table for boots display and a steel framework for hanging apparel, riding gears, and other signature leather products. Aside from leather wall paneling and flooring, it’s designed to have the look and feel of the red earth of Australia’s outback. It’s like sharing the legendary Australian craftsmanship with the modern society of New York.


– Australian Craftsmanship In California  


R.M. Williams Pty Ltd. brought sunny Australia to the crop producers of California. The functional style impressed the California lifestyle, from work boots to dress boots. It was designed to provide comfort, protection, and long-term durability for bushmen working in the harsh outback. The brand’s products found a new market segment in California.

The Australian actor Hugh Jackman was also instrumental in bringing the great Aussie creation to the big screen. Until recently, Jackman served as RMW’s Brand Ambassador.


– Outback Of Australia In London 


The Australian-made boots, clothing, and leather products available at RMW’s London flagship store are among the best in the world. Adelaide’s long-lasting leather products blended seamlessly with London’s world of broadways and theaters.

One of the most endearing aspects of RM Williams classic boots and menswear is that they strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. People in the outback prefer them because they’re durable and comfortable for daily use. And they are also popular among fashion-conscious city dwellers who appreciate their unique style.


– From Adelaide To The World


The iconic boots, signature leather products produced initially in Adelaide, now found their way to different flagship stores, specialty and retailer stores worldwide. This product’s durable leather materials are sourced from various animals, including cows, crocodiles, kangaroos, ostrich, and even camel, among others.

Customers at every R.M. Williams store have the option of selecting one of these popular leather products from which their made-to-order boots are crafted.


– The Bespoke Stores 


In many ways, the RM Williams or RMW Bespoke stores are similar to the salons of the old country bootmakers. It’s the location where customers come to be fitted to design the type and style of Bespoke boots they desire. Furthermore, it’s in this location that the good old boots craftsmanship of the maker is blended into the specific taste and style of each client.

RM Williams has bespoke stores in Australia, New Zealand, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Texas. These locations are also willing to accept your beloved RM William Bespoke boots, and other products, if it requires additional services after years of use.


To Sum It Up

The fact that R.M. Williams is internationally renowned is a testament to the high level of quality that its customers worldwide have experienced. R.M. Williams is indeed a global country fashion brand that’s credited with introducing the unique outback style of Australia to the world.

R.M. Williams products’ craftsmanship has advanced dramatically since the company’s ownership changed hands from Old Reg to Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2021. The evolution of iconic products from Adelaide, Australia, and the influences of individual patrons’ tastes and styles, has resulted in a more versatile and world-class brand available worldwide.


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