Riccardo Tisci on the Givenchy Aesthetic

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Riccardo Tisci on the Givenchy Aesthetic


Riccardo Tisci – in ten years as creative director of Givenchy, Tisci has brought the house to new heights. His designs have given the elegant Givenchy style a contemporary boost that has made the house more desirable than ever.

Earlier this week, Tisci spoke with Time on a number of subjects, including on how he manages to design for a historical luxury house and the new aesthetic he brought to it. “When you have it in your blood, nobody can take it away,” he told Time, “I worked a lot on my identity. It would make me happy when I would see journalists writing “Riccardo Tisci black.” I didn’t invent black color, but people related so much black to me, which is a very beautiful thing.”

Tisci’s preoccupation with Gothic styling has not only given Givenchy a modern feel, but has infiltrated fashion as a whole, “You can open any housewife magazine now and see different references to the “Gothic Lady” trend,” Tisci commented, “So that is cool.” Tisci has collaborated with the likes of Kanye West and Nike, making Givenchy even more relevant as a luxury brand. Celebrity followers like Madonna, Julia Roberts and Rihanna have leant the house a further glamour and desirability in the last several years.


Riccardo Tisci on the Givenchy Aesthetic

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