Kate Moss Leaves Storm Models

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Kate Moss Leaves Storm Models


It was confirmed on Friday that Kate Moss has left Storm Models, the agency that discovered Moss in the JFK Airport at 14 years old. The agency issued a statement regarding the separation, “After a successful 28 year relationship, Kate is moving her business in house, and we will continue to maintain an active involvement in our on-going deals for her.” Her younger sister Lottie Moss, 18, is still with the agency.

While Moss has left the agency, this does not signal the end of her career, or even the end of her dealings with the agency – Storm Models will still provide ad hoc services for the model, who will simply be managing her own bookings from this point forward.

This does raise questions about the future of the modeling industry, and whether the more personal, focused approach to bookings is something other top models will start to look for. Many people have already mentioned Cara Delevigne’s recent move from the agency to an American agency, though in her case it is attributed to a transition from a modeling to an acting focus. When one considers the changes the fashion industry is making at the moment, perhaps modeling is close on its heels in terms of change.


Kate Moss Leaves Storm Models

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