Karlie Kloss Talks Koding with Klossy

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Karlie Kloss Talks Koding with Klossy


Model, philanthropist, baker, coder – the list of talents and skills only grows for Karlie Kloss, 23, who has consistently made waves on the catwalks, and is now making waves across industries. In a recent interview with Tech Crunch, Kloss discussed both her summer camp ‘Kode with Klossy’, and her scholarship program #KodewithKarlie, for young girls to learn coding.

When asked how her career has been affected by her drive to learn coding, her response offered a glimpse into both her keen intellect and business savvy. “Since I started coding, I’ve learned a lot that feeds back into my work in the fashion industry,” she told Tech Crunch. “The magazines I shoot for and the brands I work with are driven by what’s happening in the tech world. When I’m in a meeting with one of my fashion partners, having a technical understanding of how it all works makes me a stronger businesswoman.”

The model further expressed an eagerness to share and promote this knowledge to young girls, and her efforts are coming into fruition. With a scholarship in place and a summer camp in the works, Kloss is bringing a greater focus to an already exceptional movement. “If you can learn how to write code, or at least, gain an understanding of how it works at a high level, then you open yourself up to more opportunities in your career and life,” Kloss explained to Tech Crunch when asked why she was prompted to set up the summer camp. “We need more women studying code in school and working as programmers in every industry. As technology changes the way our world operates, tech companies will have more influence on our lives — it’s important that women are part of that equation. My goal is for Kode With Klossy to introduce and teach coding to a handful of the girls who will make up that next generation of change-makers.”
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Karlie Kloss Talks Koding with Klossy

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