Four Ways to Rock Fashion & Feel Hot at Any Size

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Nowadays, so many people look to social media as the barometer for beauty. If you look like any of the hot models posing with Dan Blizerian, you’ll feel good about yourself. However, it’s not realistic. Many of the models don’t even look like themselves anymore because of the surgeries and work they’ve had done. While plastic surgery isn’t bad, it’s always important to maintain a realistic perspective of what’s real and what’s altered. However, there are plenty of ways you can feel great and use fashion to propel your look. To get started, consider the following tips.


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1. Choose monochromatic options
Black is one of the slimmest colors anyone can ever wear. Whether it’s an all-black turtleneck and pair of black denim jeans or a black dress, you can add this statement color into your wardrobe. However, it’s really nice to have fun with monochromatic options. Try a navy blue look from head to toe. Try an emerald green suit jacket with a pair of emerald green pants. When you do a monochromatic look in another color outside of white, it’ll help you look slimmer and more chic.

2. Wear garments with structure.
Structure is a girl’s best friend. This is especially true if there are some areas you’d like to hide. If you have some back fat or a larger lower tummy area, you can camouflage it with a well-fitting blazer. Blazers can be pricey, so if you’d like to keep the prices low, head over to your local thrift store to purchase a bunch of options in different colors. When you purchase dresses, try to find ones that have boning and definition already installed. This will make you look more polished as well.

3. Practice proper grooming.
Grooming is so important when you’re trying to look really fabulous. If you have a stunning pair of pumps with scuff marks on them, it’s going to be really challenging to make a grand statement. Before you put together an outfit, make sure it’s tailored, clean and well-fitting. Purchase the right undergarments to support you. A beautiful outfit can be ruined by an ill-fitting bra. These little details might seem minute, but they can really make or break an outfit.

4. Diversify your closet.
Diversify your closet by incorporating a few trendy pieces with your classic staple pieces. The trendy items are ones you can wear for the season. When you’re finished wearing them, you can donate or resell them. Then, you can purchase more inexpensive pieces for the next season. Your trendy items are ones you don’t want to invest tons of money in because they’ll be here today and gone tomorrow. Trendy items like simple blouses, t-shirts and accessories are perfect for this. You can wear a fun t-shirt underneath one of your staple blazers for a polished look.

As you create a look that works perfectly for your shape and style, don’t be afraid to consult a wardrobe stylist for more tips. You’re worth the investment because when you look good, you’ll be well on your way to feeling even better.


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Written by Lola McQuenzie

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