Creating A Bold Look – Your 3 Step Guide

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It can be easy to lose confidence in ourselves and opt for clothing that keeps us hidden in the crowd. But you’re beautiful, and you deserve to flaunt everything about you that makes you gorgeous! If you’re struggling with how to do this, read on to find out easy tips to wow the crowd.

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Restyle Your Hair

Adding some color to your hair can be what you need to bring out your personality. Reviews like this hair color wax show just how easy it is to give your hair a bright, bold color like blue or purple, and can give you a ton of confidence in the way you look and stand out. You can even change colors based on your mood, or based on the time – looking for a Winter theme? Try a sharp white to give yourself a frosty look. You can also decide to curl or straighten your hair – opt for something you’ve never tried before and experiment. The more things you try out, the closer you’ll be to finding exactly what suits you.

Update Your Wardrobe

Let’s face it – most of our wardrobes have clothes that we’ve hoarded for years. That needs to change! Time to dig through all those old clothes and see what’s a keeper and what’s a goner. Don’t necessarily throw away old clothing you think is ugly if it still fits you – you can restyle it yourself by sewing on fabrics, reusing the material for other projects or shortening it yourself, and create something that’s unique to you.

It’s also worth hitting the shops and seeing the kind of clothing that’s on-trend, if that’s your thing – don’t feel the need to stick to the regular though. Look for items that boast color and flair, and draw attention to one feature you like about yourself. Like your legs? Go for some slimming jeans or leggings. Do you have a nice waistline? Go for something that tightens around your waist to show off your hourglass figure.

Remember, don’t be shy about praising yourself – body positivity is essential to boost your confidence, so whatever you find about yourself that you like, rock it! Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, either – being bold is all about taking risks, and you might find something perfect that you thought would never suit you.

Add Some Accessories

Once you’ve put together clothing that looks good, feels good, and is bursting with confidence, it’s time to add the finishing touches. A few accessories are the perfect finish to your look – a small clutch, especially if you match the color, can work wonders. Watches and jewelry can also add that little glitz and glam that gives your look a little more class. The most important accessory, however, is your smile! Don’t be afraid of others – stay confident and smiling, and you’ll find yourself not only looking good but feeling good.

With these three tips, you’re sure to create the perfect look to make a statement. Go a little out of your comfort zone, and you’ll be amazed at the things you can do!


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