Top 7 Fashion Accessories for Men

Lots of guys nowadays are taking grooming seriously, always wanting to look their best. Many have even turned their homes into barbershops investing in haircut kits like wahl clipper elite pro to do their hair at home. Men’s closets are also full of essential accessories, some that are worn often and others on occasion. Check out the top fashion accessories that all men need to possess below.

1: A Top-Notch Wallet

One of the most important things that a man needs in his life is a quality wallet. This is where you will carry your money, driver’s license, debit or credit cards, and other important IDs depending on what you like. Thankfully, there are loads of choices available whether you are looking for a minimalist or bifold wallet. Just take time and purchase the wallet that is not only functional but makes you feel good as you carry it around.

2: Rings

A modest ring can complement your style in a lovely manner.  If you are not wearing them to informal occasions, it is best to go simple bands rather than huge jewels. Note that anyone can rock bands as they are not a preserve for married fellas. You can also explore other exotic materials other than silver and gold.

3: Bracelet

If you have never worn a bracelet, it is time to start now. You have the freedom to pick one depending on personal style. Remember that bracelets exist to be a subtle detail of the look and not an outstanding piece of the outfit. Beaded or silver chain bracelets work well for guys who are into suits and ties. Leather anchor or macramé bracelets are ideal additions for men who prefer casual clothes.

4: Classic Sunglasses

Your wardrobe will never be complete if it does not feature a pair of classic sunglasses. These come in handy when you are going for a superstar look or just want to hide dark circles after a rough night. Over the years, many styles have come up allowing you to choose the one that suits your face shape best. Wayfarers, Aviators, and Clubmasters are some designs that seem to never go out of style. Seeing that a good pair of sunglasses can last a lifetime, you can go ahead and make it an investment piece.

5: A Wrist Watch

Only a few things can help a man stand out the way an excellent wristwatch can. It is one of the reasons why they remain timeless accessories that allow men to look dapper. You do not even have to spend your life savings on a stylish timepiece. Designers have made sure guys can access affordable yet elegant wristwatches that can make a person instantly become the best-dressed gentleman in a room.

6: Trendy Pocket Square

Whether you consider yourself a lover of fashion or not, you must have at least one tasteful pocket square. This will give your blazer a fresh look every time. They can add a pop of texture, color, or trendiness to your suits. With these, you also have the power to experiment with multiple ways to fold them until you achieve the look you desire. Having a pocket square also shows that you are a man who loves to pay attention to detail.

7: Tie Clips and Bars

Tie bars and clips have got to be some of the most underrated fashion accessories for men. These simple items secure your tie well.  This way, it will not keep flopping around to help you look all put together instead of a hot mess. To make sure they work as they should note that the bar or clip should cover at least ¾ width of the tie.



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