Man Autumn-Winter 2014/15 Trends

Latest Fashion trends


The trench coat meets yeti. Comfort, sophistication and structure enclose the simple outfit.


Christian Dior

With a contrasting look such as these, you wouldn’t need much attention elsewhere.


Giorgio Armani


John Richmond

The combination of layers and options of lengths of coats means that you have the ability to mix and match; whatever the time of day and whatever the occasion.


Louis Vuitton


For some, maybe most of us; fleeces and sweaters are a cosy, stay at home and curl up on the sofa outfit; this has been revamped. With the new trend of making fleeces and sweaters official office wear, men won’t be stuck for smart outfits for the office anymore.


Mihara Yasuhiro

Added padding builds structure and comfort so that it is incredibly easy to wear. The edgy blend of sweater and leather creates a sporty look.



Fishermen jumpers, sweaters and woollen coats are the key items to look out for.


Vivienne Westwood

They can all be worn as an item on their own or added to other trends and styles; Givenchy complimented this style with the pre-mentioned idea.





Heading back to the vintage years of the 1980s and 1990s; comes the return of the silk and the padded bomber jackets.


Calvin Klein

With the amount of padding, this creates an illusion of the bodybuilder, masculine man; teamed with sneakers this helps to tune down the overall look.


Vivienne Westwood

Stick with dark colours in order to keep it cool and formal.





One of the key looks for this season is the all over print; once again, a completely feminine look.


Dolce & Gabbana

The structured suits and chunky outerwear brings it back to the masculine front.



Although there is no particular style of print, it’s pretty creative; whether you go for the all over approach and cover yourself in it or you pick a bold print and tone it down with a classic black outfit; the print will be the signature statement.


Paul Smith



One of my top favourites for the winter warmers is ankle boots. They can be worn with any outfit and the colour’s in which they can be worn is statement enough in an outfit.


Dolce & Gabbana                                       Dsquared2                                                  Fendi

Whether you opt for the classic, smart black or the tan brown; appropriate for any occasion and teamed with an all over print suit, gah! Can you imagine it?! Oozing sophistication.


Neil Barret                                                  Salvatore Ferragamo



We’ve all seen the old fashioned classic movies where men walk around in with their pipe in their smoking jacket and slippers; now let’s make those slippers outerwear…



Dolce & Gabbana

The delicate embroidery is a statement all in itself; let alone as a slipper; teamed with a satin or tweed suit, will display the most impressive of gentlemen. If you want the most exquisite of detailing, beading and embroidery; look no further than Dolce & Gabbana.


John Richmond

But, if you’re only looking for a lighter look of detailing try John Richmond. Simple and elegant but make enough of an impression to draw attention


Trainers… On the runway?? Really?! Oh yes, sneakers this season are the ultimate, comfortable everyday wear.

Granted, they may look slightly like hiking boots and moon boots but we get the point.


Dries Van Noten                                        Fendi                                                             Vivienne Westwood

Typically Hi-Tops; structured with a buckle secured around the ankle; Roberto Cavalli has stuck in his comfort zone of the animal print; snake skin and leopard print.


Roberto Cavalli

Lanvin followed the memo on the cobalt blue trend; teamed with a navy blue suit; definition of casual meets class.


Lanvin                                                                                                       Prada
 Latest Fashion trends
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