Make-up & Hair Autumn-Winter 2014/15

Latest Fashion trends

From bold, thick lashes to colourful eyelids and all round neutral make-up; there’s a trend for all to enjoy and enough of a variation to change it up every day or any occasion.



This season’s trend for make-up is the significant focus on the bottom lashes.

Now, some of us may enjoy wearing false eyelashes every so often, may on a night out or light ones for casual day wear; however; these may only be strip lashes for the top line.


Saint Laurent                                                                                            Gucci

Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent have created a bolder look for this season by applying lashes, individually and thickly to the bottom lashes. This creates an in-depth and eccentric look; with a look this dominant, minimal make-up would be required elsewhere.

Lashes teamed with thick liner, opens the eye and creates a frame. The look can look extremely dramatic and bold; ideal for an evening but it also can look sensual.


Rochas                                                                                                       Versace

Rocha maintained the look on both top and bottom lashes. The top lashes are bold and thick, creating structure to the eyes whilst the bottom lashes are slightly clumped together as a definitive, complete look.

This look also makes it possible to wear to wear other make-up; slight blusher, bronzer or lip stain.



Colour of the season for eyes are blends of soft purples; lilac, aubergine and grape. Whether the colour is swept all across the eye lid or is just minimal in the corner; the idea is to brighten up the darkness in the changing season.

Nina Ricci’s line swept a bold lilac all across the lid, extending out as far as to the end of the eye and to the brow, with little or no mascara. The colour is enough of a statement that not much else is needed.


Nina Ricci                                                                                                  Diane Von Fustemberg

Burberry and Chloe followed the role of applying the shadow directly across the eyelid with a touch in each corner. This widens the eye for a more enchanting look. The small amount of colour across the lid is extremely feminine; with or without mascara.


Burberry Prorsum                                                                                   Chloé



Natural make-up is one of the easiest and most comfortable trends to pull off.

Whether it’s a day at the office, a night out or casual day wear, the natural make-up look oozes sophistication.

Balmain and Michael Kors have kept the foundation, plain; the focus of the natural appeal is the peachy- bronzed look across the eyelids.


Balmain                                                                                                      Michael Kors


Stella McCartney                                                                                       Burberry

Whereas Burberry has focused on a sultry look on the eyes and bronzer on high cheekbones. The look is completely flawless and works from a day to evening look with just a top up through the tansitions.



This the season to be cosy; but no one said you couldn’t have stunning hair at the same time.

Sometimes there’s nothing better to do with your hair on those ‘no wash days’ than to just whack your hair up into a delicate ballerina bun; here are some of the favourites from this years catwalk.



The hair is completely swept up, the only tendrils of hair appear messily at the back. Although the baller ina bun has a distinctive sense of neatness about it; the is a particular edge to this year’s design.

There is also the appearance that the hair was not brushed into the bun but more swept up together.

                                                                          Diane Von Fustemberg

Diane Von Furstenberg’s image of the Ballerina Bun has made the classy look more entitled to the preppy, high school and Girl Next Door type.


Lanvin                                                                                                                         Roberto Cavalli

Lavin and Cavalli also contribute to the ballerina bun style with the accentuation of a messy up-do. Again, the hair is taken, almost as if in sections, than brushed together.



One of my favourite trends to do with hair every so often is the focus on the centre parting. Although it may remind some of us of our youth when we had our hair done by our mother’s before we went to school; it has become a ‘go to’ for difference and elegance.


A centre parting frames the face; whether the hair is then put up or is left down. The face then becomes to image in which to look at.

Gabbana’s approach is to do half and half. Begin with a centre parting to the middle section of your head and then cover; this glamours up a stunning up-do and creates an elegant look for both day and evening.


Dolçe & Gabbanna

Stella McCartney added volume and loose hair around either ear for a softer approach. For a neater look, sweep back in an angle; this gives a gradient look and can be seen more when the hair is tied back.


Stella McCartney

Kenzo developed this look; the style gives the illusion of a halo. Although the look can be seen as drastic; it is a memorable one and always stands out. Dramatic make-up would suit with this equivalent hairstyle.




Many of the ponytails featured in this year’s line-up were the mid to low style.

Taken from middle partings, Balmain kept it simple with just a tie up; a popular style followed by Gwyneth Paltrow at most ceremonies.

Hugo Boss made the look more masculine by creating the ponytail from a side parting. Creative and neat, added to the features in the make-up.


Balmain                                                                                                                      Hugo Boss

The hair is kept smooth, different to the idea of the ballerina bun.

For a more elegant edge, follow Fendi’s trend with adding twists and wrapping the hair around itself before tying together. The sheer shine on the hair is beautiful and reminds me somewhat of a style you might come across in Game of Thrones.


Add extra ties for a bobbled look; taken from Valentino; the look is playful yet casual.

 Latest Fashion trends
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