Are Custom Badges All the Rage?

Badges had been the preserve of uniforms for a long time. In recent years, they have become quite popular and are definitely on trend. Wearing a badge attached or sewn to your garment is a trend to watch.

You can easily turn a plain t-shirt into a fashion statement by simply adding a badge. It transforms an ordinary-looking everyday clothing item into something spectacular. In fact, a custom badge puts your signature style on your outfits. Even if you do not have a diploma from an art school, getting a custom badge is as simple as clicking on the Rocket Badge website.

Custom-Made Clothing Badges

You must have come across a number of people wearing an item of clothing with a badge on the arm or chest. They may have designed the badge themselves or had it made by experts. What is clear is that badges are in. People want to personalise their clothes as well as accessories to make them unique.

Many of the badges you come across may be store-bought. However, some people are quite artistic and are able to design their own badges. If you would rather have a badge that is special to you because it carries a personal message, you can easily design one and have it made for you.

Inspiration for Your Custom Badge Idea

The best way to find inspiration for your custom-made badge is by visiting a site such as You will not only get tons of ideas but also have an experienced designer create your badge the way you want it.

Then, you can turn your plain polo into a fabulous garment that will get you noticed as well as inspire others. Expert badge designers will be able to do the following for you.

  •         Design a layout for the idea you have
  •         Advise you on the right materials
  •         Match your custom badge idea to your personality
  •         Create your dream badge

You can then wear your badge on your favourite polo, t-shirt or jacket as well as your best shirt.

Decorated Denim

The fashion runways are filled with decorated denim these days. Everything from trousers to skirts as well as jackets has badges on it. It is almost difficult to remember the days when denim was plain.

Almost everyone who wears denim wants their denim personalised with custom badges. With pin badges, patches and other types of badges, you can easily revamp your old jeans and make them trendy again.

Badges have been used as symbols of affiliation with groups or even to set individuals apart from the rest. Your badge and clothing need not look like some uniform if you wish to set yourself apart from the crowd. You can have Rocket Badge personalise yours by incorporating your individuality into your badge.

A DIY badge is great, but the best badges can be sourced from a contemporary designer. You can have them design the shapes you prefer and also include personal messages, pictures or logos that are meaningful to you.


Badges are definitely trending now more than ever. You will not only find them on clothing but also on purses, bags and even shoes. People enjoy wearing badges that communicate or support ideas or issues that are important to them


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