4 Wedding Style Tips

The wedding season is approaching fast and while the prospective brides and grooms are facing the most difficult task in choosing their attire for the big day, guests are just as eager to find the perfect outfit to complement the glowing couple.

If you’re not usually one for dressing up, it can be quite tricky finding the perfect balance between comfort and style, especially if you’re going to be attending a formal, black-tie wedding. It is important that you feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, even if this is the first time you’ll be rocking a tux or a floor-length gown, so do yourself a favour and don’t squeeze yourself into something you can’t sit or dance in comfortably, just because it looks good.

Take your time when you go out on your dress/suit hunt – visit various shops, try on different styles and stick with whatever makes you want to give your reflection in the mirror the finger-guns. If you’re still overwhelmed by the mere thought of going out to shop for your wedding outfit, don’t worry – we’ve got you. Here are 4 wedding style tips!


Stick with the Shops You Know

Just because you’re attending a glamorous event, it doesn’t mean you have to purchase your outfit in an equally glamorous shop. If you’re not usually prone to shopping in chic boutiques and designer shops, stick with what you know. Chains like Zara, H&M and Stradivarius offer great styles for all tastes and budgets. Sure, other wedding guests may have had the same idea, but if you’re worried about showing up in the exact same dress as the bride’s cousin, you can always match it with a nicely cut blazer and some statement jewellery and it will seem like an entirely different outfit.


Know Your Colours

Although many brides no longer stick to the traditional white dress, you should still steer clear from wearing white – just in case. As we all know, the spotlight is on the bride, so showing up in a dress the same colour as hers is considered a no-no. The same is true for black – again, many couples no longer adhere to these outdated traditions, but seeing as black is usually the colour reserved for funerals, it comes across as somewhat disrespectful to show up in a colour associated with grieving. Stick with bright, playful and happy colours such as pink, red, blue, purple or orange. If these colours are too loud for your liking, try getting a colour that matches your skin tone. Pastels are always a great choice for weddings too.


Follow the Royal Hat Trend

The biggest wedding of the year, will obviously be the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19th. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have been invited, you should definitely consider wearing a hat or a fascinator – a truly British wedding trend. And even if you’re not, and are just attending a regular ol’ wedding, these hair and head accessories are evergreen styles that will never go out of fashion. Don’t go over the top with a huge hat that will be the cause of great frustration for those sitting in the church booth behind you – keep it simple but elegant. Pillbox and dish hats are particularly popular for weddings and are available in various styles and colours. For a hipper alternative that beautifully marries elegance and quirk, opt for a fascinator. If you do decide to wear a hat or a fascinator, it is important to keep your wedding outfit simple, otherwise the combination can become too loud – and you really wouldn’t want to steal the show at someone else’s wedding. Keep it classy and you’re good to go!

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