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Zac Posen Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – Zac Posen’s 2015 Fall runway was a showcase of draping and loose-fitted gowns, most of which sweeped the floor when walked in. With Posen’s aim for this collection to to be ‘surprising’, it is questionable whether he achieved this – he chose a deep colour palette, consisting mainly of a revival of red, along with greys, greens and blacks too.

However, the stand-out gown, which was a winner in most people’s eyes was the  mustard yellow pleated number, with the matching long sleeve fluffy jumper on the top. A number which perhaps did not fit in with the rest of the collection, but still made the biggest impact, especially when worn by one of fashion’s current favourite models; Alek Deng.

We have to remember though, that this collection is for fall. Whilst the flowing cuts may have been ‘surprising’, in comparison with some of this other work, the colours, shapes, and details were an easy fit for the season. Posen’s collection was (as always) of a very high standard, but whether it was really a stand out surprise for the Fall season is a questionable matter.

Zac Posen Women Autumn-Winter 2015


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