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Prabal Gurung Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – In comparison to Prabal Gurung’s spring/summer 2015 collection, the clothing this time round seemed to excessively minimalistic – but for the good – as patterns were still incorporated, with a variety of textures and colors. Not only this but the shape of clothing differed, looser garments – especially the dresses – were advertised.

“A lot of my friends are having babies. Their bodies change. I’ve realized a dress can still be sexy without being skintight.” Gurung states his ideas behind his change in style, which are successful. A large amount of skin is showing, through sheer fabrics, low cuts and revealing side slits shows us all how Gurung can create a sexy collection for an older target audience. Carefully thought about also, models Kirsty Hume, Tasha Tilberg, and Christina Kruse (all within their 30’s) play role models for the target audience.

As well as sexy evening dresses, a Himalayan mountain theme falls through with chunky knit turtle neck sweaters, black parka’s and grey marl wool coats (with white fur lining the jackets and hoods) that have a pure and clean finish to them.

Prabal Gurung Women Autumn-Winter 2015


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