Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto Man Spring-Summer 2017 –The Yohji Yamamoto Man Spring-Summer 2017 collection exhibited in Paris radiated the brand’s signature style; that of gender fluidity and the embracing of both the masculine and the feminine. As we have so often seen in his previous collections, silhouettes were flowy and draped, void of any harsh, tailored lines. Indeed, trousers were often so billowy they could resemble skirts, again echoing a blurring of lines between the masculine and feminine. Yohji Yamamoto was also unarguably influenced by the street in this collection, particularly graffiti designs which were spattered in bleached shades across several garments including statement trench coats. This made for a sense of visual splendour, bringing clothes that would be otherwise muted in colour, to life. In terms of accessories, models wore cotton bands around their heads creating a rough and ready look. Silky shirts sported tight cinched in waist belts, creating a dichotomy between, perhaps, the fluidity Yamamoto wishes to portray and the gender constraints imposed by society.

Yohji Yamamoto Man Spring-Summer 2017


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