Issey Miyake Men

Issey Miyake Men Spring-Summer 2017 – Issey Miyake’s stunning Man Spring Summer 2017 show was this year interestingly entitled ‘Journey From A White Page.’  Indeed, the collection began as an almost blank palate, focusing on more crisp whites and cool creams to eventually develop into a stunning and almost unexpected flurry of colour splashes and prints. Graphics began minimalistic, with soft, wispy tie-dye like prints taking a subtle place on the various garments. As the show went on, models sported brighter, more complex and considerably more abstract designs. Texture, as ever, was key to the collection, with soft, floaty materials contrasting perfectly with more hardy, bulkier pieces, such as several heavy duty black jackets that formed an integral part of the styling. Overall, the Issey Miyake Men Spring Summer 2017 catwalk show was a collection that began as simple and understated to end up elaborate and exciting, all without losing its undoubted sense of elegance and poise.

Issey Miyake Men Spring-Summer 2017


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