Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17 – Yohji Yamamoto menswear collection is known to typify the Japanese innovative approach. Since the early eighties the designer has been known for challenging conventions, and this season was no different as Yohji Yamamoto unveiled another collection at the Paris Fashion week, which included his signature of ethnic garments with a contemporary twist.

Unlike most designers displaying their collection at Paris Fashion Week, Mr Yamamoto patrolled from the attitude of colours by presenting yet another dark collection with a slight touch of brown, khaki green and some denim wide leg layered trousers. The designs of which contained black slim fitted blazers, detailed shirts with thin incorporated belts around the waist, long oversized jackets with white detailed buttons at the front and plain white shirts.

The collection is simple yet creates attention to details by the painting of the human visage on the black shirts, which expresses an inventive story. yohji Yamamoto yet again styles his collection with minimal accessories of plain black tokin looking hats and black cotton scarfs around the neck. He pairs the wide legged trousers with either black boots or white and black stripped trainers.

The collection presents luxury in a concealed style, but yet visible. This was another signature collection with a touch of freshness from the Japanese designer.

Yohji Yamamoto Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17



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