Wunderkind Woman Spring Summer 2017 – At Wunderkind, inspiration was taken from two contrasting time periods.

On the one hand a Western feel filled the show. Ruffled sleeveless shirts with sharp collars were reminiscent of cowboys roaming the Wild West. The colour palette was overall very neutral, mimicking the Western style, although this was also peppered with periwinkle blue and vibrant oranges. Bohemian embroidery and floral prints were paired with cowboy boots in snakeskin, metallic silver and tan leather. Light flowing silhouettes were coordinated with heavier jackets and full underskirts

However this was contrasted with more contemporary design. Modern circular prints decorated simple clean-cut shirts and dresses. A pleated metallic dress in particular added a more futuristic and updated feel to the collection, as did bulbous hip and shoulder silhouettes. Trousers were cropped and shirts flowed long at the back. Large lapelled jackets not dissimilar to raincoats also contributed to lifting and modernising the collection.

Wunderkind Woman Spring Summer 2017


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Written by Emma Kate Hall

Emma is an English student at King’s College London. She loves reading, writing and travelling and hopes to pursue a career in fashion journalism full time after her degree.

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