Gucci Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Alessandro Michele has already created a clear vision for Gucci despite only making his debut as creative director in February of last year. Sales have been on a steady incline under his creative direction and the Spring-Summer 2017 show epitomised the bold maximalist look he established for the brand.

As always Michele called upon multiple materials of influence, threading them together to create a patchwork of colour, texture, cultures and concepts. The runway was a sea of ruffles, prints, metallics, each look a feast for the eyes. Western-style studded powder blue suits contrasted flowing floral eveningwear and models walked in platform velvet slippers.

Michele’s love of Hollywood clearly showed in this theatrical show, with “Hollywood Cemetery Forever” emblazoned on several pieces. Power suits, red leather and big shoulders invoked 80s style elements whilst glittered fringing and ruffles moved like Chinese dragons. Suits were ornamented with oriental embroidery and models wore turbans, bedazzled sunglasses and an exquisite variety of hats. Little-known artist Jayde Fish’s work can also be seen illustrating several of the collection’s pieces.

Gucci Woman Spring Summer 2017


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Written by Emma Kate Hall

Emma is an English student at King’s College London. She loves reading, writing and travelling and hopes to pursue a career in fashion journalism full time after her degree.

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