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Thom Browne Man Spring-Summer 2017 – The Thom Browne Paris catwalk collection was unarguably one of the most theatrical fashion spectacles to come out of fashion week. A largely beach inspired show, the Thom Brown collection had everything from classic, vintage style swimwear to flower emblazoned surfboards gracing the catwalk. The somewhat surprising and shocking addition of oversized formal wear such as a boxy, full length suit jacket added a real sense of surrealism to the show- the kind that would not look out of place in a Tim Burton narrative. The surprising colour palate was incredibly vast, including everything from crisp monochrome looks to brighter, more vibrant ensembles.Indeed, this is a label that prides itself on the unexpected and the unforeseen. Models had their faces painted ghostly white and some sported gasmasks and even bird masks, to create a fashion show that was, indeed, a show in every sense of the word.

Thom Browne Man Spring-Summer 2017


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