Atelier Versace

Atelier Versace Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2016-17 – Versace provides us with a modern, perhaps even futuristic version of haute couture with this latest collection.  It appears that Versace has torn apart her designs and put them together again to create a somewhat mismatched looked.  Versace uses contrasting colours such as black, pastel pink and blue, red and lilac, this again creates a disheveled and almost messy chic.  This pairing of colours that don’t necessarily go together suggests a put together outfit dissembled vibe.  There are a number of pleats and synched waists which emphasize the shape of the woman’s body creating a gorgeous hourglass silhouette.  Versace draws more attention to the silhouette by using ruffles and dimensions accentuating the figure.  The hair is swept back off the face which draws more attention to the outfits and Versace uses either a bold lip or a bold eye in this magnificent collection.

Atelier Versace Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2016-17




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Written by Lauren King

Lauren studies English literature and Spanish at the University of Warwick. As an aspiring actress and writer/journalist, she has a keen interest for fashion, beauty and writing.

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